Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If you thought this weekend was topsy-turvy, it's because it was.

Browns win! Huzzah!

Buckeyes lose...ugghh....

Two feelings we don't exactly feel during the same weekend very often. In fact, the last time the universe flickered like this, giving the Browns a victory the same weekend as a Buckeyes defeat was almost three years ago.

Frosh sensation Terrell Pryor's late fumble led to
the Nittany Lions' game winning touchdown.
The weekend of October 25, 2008, Ohio State put up no offense (sound familiar?), losing to Penn State 13-6. But the Browns redeemed the weekend for Cleveland fans, beating the Jaguars 23-17. (Unfortunately for the Brownies, that would be their second-last win of the season. And this was October 26.)

And before that, it hadn't happened since October 2005. So I guess things like this only happen about once every three years.

Is that a good thing, or a bad thing? Given that it appears Ohio State could be in for a couple more losses at minimum this year, hopefully the Browns don't figure their fan base was satisfied by the win in Indy this past weekend.