Sunday, September 25, 2011

What we think will happen vs. the Dolphins (Week 3)

Miami Dolphins at Cleveland Browns

Week 3: September 25, 2011


Browns 24
Dolphins 23
Colt McCoy may be no Tom Brady, but the Dolphins pass defense hasn't changed that much in two weeks and young Colt finds some success. It's not often I'm confident about a home win but the Dolphins look like a winnable--and must-win--type of game.

Browns 24
Dolphins 10
The Browns come back from Indianapolis feeling good about the direction they are going. Since this is the Browns, nothing comes easy. I expect a close first half with the Browns pulling away in the second half, behind a strong running game and efficient passing offense. I don't expect huge numbers for any player, but the Browns close out the game at home, unlike what happened with Cinci.

Browns 24
Dolphins 13
For this to be a halfway decent season, the good guys need to take care of business at Cleveland Browns Stadium. A home stumble against Cinci has already put them in the bad corner. Fighting their way out of it on the backs of Colt McCoy and the young guys on defense is a must against a mediocre Dolphins' squad.

Dolphins 23
Browns 20
In the words of Han Solo trapped in the Death Star trash compactor, "I've got a bad feeling about this!" The Dolphins are a desperate 0-2 bunch and have looked better than their record, including a tough fight against the Patriots. Despite getting past the Manning-less Colts last week, the Browns looked anything but convincing. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm thinking another home dud for the Brownies.


Browns 20
Dolphins 16
After another tough loss, Tony Sparano rages on a bartender at the Bing...errr the Executive Den.

Browns 27
Dolphins 17
Browns pull away in the fourth quarter. Colt continues to impress and Josh Cribbs finally takes one to the house.

Dolphins 21
Browns 17
The Browns just can't figure out how to win at home...