Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Haiku Tuesday

Shit week, NFL.

But Brownies are looking up?
It's bizarro world!

Monday, September 15, 2014

I'm still not tired of watching this Brian Hoyer to Andrew Hawkins pass.

Kids, don't imitate this throw. (GIF borrowed from Grantland.) 

Possibly the ugliest pass ever thrown, and so close to being incomplete since it likely got caught in the jetstream, but then again, oh so pretty.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Vox Lox: The 14 Most Memorable Moments of Summer 2014

We meet again, my friends, and thank you, thank you for pit-stopping my column in between your trip from Twitter to Vine. For nearly nine years, SamVox has been the soft porn of Cleveland Culture writers. And by now, in internet years, he's officially your 87-year old grandmother: no filter and no patience but far too vital to the family unit to be properly disowned. So you'll pity her, occasionally patronize her and then sell her on a plastic retirement community that plays more politics than a small-town high school. But you won't ignore her. Nope. Not after five out of six winning seasons and a well-documented net profit of over 35 dimes.  

Last year, I kicked off our NFL handicapping campaign by detailing my cruel summer of 2013. You may recall I lost my dog, my job, my pride, Tony Soprano, and the NBA Finals (cue the Ray Allen-step-back-travel-trey that saved the Heat's collusion legacy). This summer was the polar opposite--chock-full of jubilant jiffies that I'll share with you below in typical Top Ten fashion. Chronologically, I present the summer of my contentment:

Friday, July 11, 2014

Let It Go. An essay by Ryan

A reflective essay by Ryan, who certainly wasn't a fan of reuinifcation ever, after The Decision.


I didn't want to like it, I didn't like it, I honestly would have preferred he didn't come back. 

But he's here.

His essay was good. Really good.

My brother Mike left me a message that said " I heard the news...I hope you are excited and not still angry."

I listened to KNR and 92.3 and the excitement was amazing.

I got into an elevator and some random dude looked at me and simply said "I can't believe he's coming back".

I hate him because of what he did to my hometown, I guess I can let it go because of the energy and excitement he has brought back to it.

My love for Lebron will never be what it was but boy, could this be fun.

Welcome home, LeBron.

LeBron penned a letter to NE Ohio for Sports Illustrated

Hope and change: LeBron James returns to Cleveland

This guy knows what's up
LeBron James the man has been dissected like a frog in a high-school science lab ever since the summer of 2010. Turncoat. Diva. Frontrunner. 

I've written mean things about James and have thought worse. Think an icy road, a steep incline and a cement truck with faulty brakes. To me he was a soulless scumbucket with all the cultural awareness and dignity of a toaster oven. 

Now, The Letter Part 2 has arrived, an old-school lightning bolt from above that has come without fanfare, Decisions, or pro wrestling-style player intros. James's "essay," published on Sports Illustrated's website today, ushers in a new era of Cavs basketball, and, on a much larger scale, serves as an enormous boost for the city of Cleveland in too many ways to count.

Stunned is the operative word right now. Not elated, just a feeling of fullness and possibility, for both the team and for Northeast Ohio. James is the best basketball player on the planet, but much more importantly he can also stand as a symbol for prosperity and change. Maybe the guy many thought was a heartless mercenary has grown up. And maybe the city he's coming back to will continue to evolve right along with him.