Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Listen here BOY!

NFL looking into Rolle charge that official McKinnely called him 'boy'

"The refs called me a boy," Rolle said, according to a transcript of postgame comments provided to the media by the Ravens. "No. 110 called me a boy."

"I will be calling my agent in the morning and sending my complaint," the 31-year-old cornerback added. "I have a wife and three kids. Don't call me a boy. Don't call me a boy on the field during a game because I said, 'You've never played football before.'"

Ummmm...So what. Is that really that bad. Maybe it is slightly belittleing but I'm sure much worse things have been said to a player by a ref/ump(ask Milton Bradley). I'm guessing Rolle had a few more choice words than just "You've never played football."

I don't even know why I'm writing about this other than I am so flabergasted that Rolle could be that offended by a ref calling him a boy in the middle of a football field when no one but a few players could even hear it. I'm sure Vox could come about with one or two more offensive words.