Sunday, December 15, 2019

What CST thinks about Browns-Cardinals Week 15

Cleveland Browns at Arizona Cardinals
December 15, 2019

Cardinals 31, Browns 16

Freddie Kitchens reported "safe" right before another stinker.

Cardinals 28, Browns 17

Browns struggle all day as reality hits on this lost season. Let the finger-pointing begin.
Browns 20, Cardinals 14

There's been talk among the fanbase on how much the Browns have improved over two years ago, so why not be happy about that? The organization may no longer be historically incompetent record-wise, but I still don't trust the Browns to deliver in the long-term.

Browns 31, Cardinals 0

I love this song!

Browns 23, Cardinals 22 

9-7 until I die.

Cardinals 24, Browns 21

 Browns find a way to lose, so put that in your pipe and be depressed about it.

Browns 28, Cardinals 24

The Browns get out of the desert with an ugly win, but the frustration continues as the on-field play and coaching doesn't deliver.

Browns 41, Cardinals 11

One for NFL Scoragami.

Browns 24, Cardinals 21

Browns find a way to win despite a debacle of a game.