Sunday, April 19, 2015

Eight years later, Cavs fans are witnesses again

Eight years ago, I showed up at Game One of a Cavs playoff series (pretty sure it was the first round Wizards matchup, but not sure), and just past the ticket taker, someone gave me (and the other 20,000 fans) a black shirt with WITNESS written on it in white. The only clue what it was for was the little Nike swoosh on it. It wasn't until just before tipoff that the fans were tipped off, and the iconic Nike Lebron James Witness campaign was born.

Unfortunately, that shirt ended up in the garbage after The Decision three years later, but nonetheless, we are witnessing something special yet again. The way the Cavaliers have been playing over the past three months, nobody is expecting anything less than a Finals appearance.

And I'm expecting to witness more. I want Lebron to hold that trophy in a Cavs uniform. I want Love and Blatt to shut the national media up. 

All I want is one before I die.

Go Cavs.