Sunday, September 29, 2019

What CST thinks about Browns-Ravens Week 4

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens
September 29, 2019

Browns 24, Ravens 16

It's not really a must-win game.
It's not really a must-win game.
It's not really a must-win game.
It's not really a must-win game.
It's not really a must-win game.
It's not really a must-win game.
It's not really a must-win game.

Browns 24, Ravens 21

Browns win a nail-biter at the end. It's not pretty, but it's a win.

Ravens 20, Browns 13

The Browns are in a brutal stretch of games with the offense still trying to calibrate itself. Better days are ahead, but this ain't one of them.

Browns 27, Ravens 24

The 2018 season ended in Baltimore last year. The 2019 season could end in Baltimore today if the Browns don't get a win.

No pick

Browns 28, Ravens 27

Browns build up a ton o' hope on the road.

Browns 24, Ravens 21

It's time for Baker and Freddie to remind everyone why the hype is real.

Browns 4, Ravens 2

Browns do the "Safety Dance" all over Baltimore's dumb face.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

What CST thinks about Browns-Rams Week 3

Los Angeles Rams at Cleveland Browns
September 22, 2019

Rams 31, Browns 18

We want it, but these injuries have decimated the chances for a big win on the big stage.

Rams 34, Browns 18

Browns' offense scores a few late, but the second marquee game this year is a dud. Browns thought they had the wakeup call week 1. Today's game is the one they weren't expecting.

Rams 26, Browns 14

The Browns start a tough stretch of games with a loss on Sunday night
at home. There's just too many questions surrounding the offense
despite its explosive potential. Key injuries only further stack the
deck against the good guys.

Browns 30, Rams 27

Browns and Baker regain some swagger with a win on Sunday Night.

Browns 34 Rams 33 

Get the Patron, tell 'em dat it's on.

Rams 31, Browns 23

Limping Browns D can't hang with the Rams.

No Pick

Browns start off with a lot of offensive penalties on their first drive, but the Scottish Hammer gets a great bounce on his first punt.

Browns 50, Rams 0

I'm actually not drunk.

Monday, September 16, 2019

What CST thinks about Browns-Jets Week 2

Cleveland Browns at New York Jets
September 16, 2019

Browns 31, Jets 21

Thinking that gut punch the Browns took in Week One was a combination of a few things--mostly, however, just massive penalty mistakes that can be cleaned up. Browns talent proves too much although Trevor Siemian  looks pretty good out there under fire from the Browns front 4.

Browns 17, Jets 16

Browns win by a slight margin. Sloppy and questionable play-calling are still an issue after week one. With the Rams looming as a big matchup, the Browns almost get burned for overlooking the J-E-T-S.

Browns 17, Jets 12

What the hell happened last week? The Browns got punched in the mouth and folded like a cheap card table, that's what. This team obviously has talent, but how that talent translates on the field from week to week will continue to be the question. I expect the penalties to be cleaned up, at the least, and a close victory over a Jets' team missing three key starters.
Browns 27, Jets 13

It better be.

Jets 23, Browns 20

Jets get revenge for Gregg Williams and last season's embarrassing loss to Hue Jackson

Browns 38, Jets 10

Looking for a stat stuffer game with the feel of a college blowout this Monday Night...

Browns 20, Jets 16

Browns win with a deflected pass off OBJ's watch to Jarvis Landry.

Browns 99, Jets 2

Mercy safety.

Monday, September 9, 2019

What CST Thinks about the Browns and the NFL in 2019 (a day late)

2019 NFL Season Outlook

Browns Record: 12-4

Season finish: First place in division, lose in AFC Championship
Super Bowl Prediction: Saints over Patriots

Baker, Myles, Odell, and this new era of Browns football does not disappoint, as the team builds on the giant strides in 2018 with an MVP season from Mayfield and defensive highlights all season long. The bandwagon gets so full it's nearly tipping over.

Browns Record: 9-7
Season finish: 2nd place in division, no playoffs
Super Bowl Prediction: Saints over Patriots

Browns Record: 10-6
Season finish: 1st in division, lose in AFC Wild Card
Super Bowl Prediction: Saints over Patriots

Insane fan expectations are met, sort of. These new Browns are not SuperBowl ready, but a playoff appearance is a good first step after years of misery.

Browns Record: 9-7
Season finish: Tied for 2nd place in division, lose in AFC Wild Card
Super Bowl Prediction: Cowboys over Stillers

We won't we be able to stop the fun, or the run, this season.
Browns Record: 7-9
Season finish: 3rd in AFC North, no playoffs
Super Bowl Prediction: Patriots over Saints

I want it just as bad as you do, but am not a believer...yet.

Browns Record: 10-6
Season finish: 1st in divison, loss in divisional round
Super Bowl Prediction: Patriots over Saints

It's happened. I've bought in. Check on me in December.

Browns Record: 16-0
Season finish: CHAMPIONS
Super Bowl Prediction: Browns over anybody that moooooves

Bookend playoff wins over the Patriots, 25 years apart. One with Belichick as our coach, the other against him.


Mike from New Jersey:

Browns Record: 10-6
Season Finish: Win the AFC North, lose a close game in first playoff game
Super Bowl Prediction: Saints over Patriots

Sunday, September 8, 2019

What CST thinks about Browns-Titans Week One 2019

Tenessee Titans at Cleveland Browns 
September 8, 2019

Browns 27, Titans 10

Baker Mayfield picks up where he left off, but the stars of the show aren't OBJ and Baker, it's the D-Line and Nick Chubb who impose their will on the Tennessee Titans.

Browns 21, Titans 17

Offense jumps out to a lead and the defense hangs on for the win.

Browns 16, Titans 13

A slow start has Cleveland fans lined up on the 480 bridge, but unlikely hero Austin Siebert gives the Browns a rare Opening Day win.
Browns win.

I'm drunk.

Browns 17, Titans 16

22 years ago, I pumped a handful of quarters into the jukebox at the Panini's on Tenth Avenue in Columbus. Titans HC Mike Vrabel unplugged said jukebox when he didn't like my song selection.

This afternoon, Jon Bon Jovi and I get our revenge.

No pick this week.

Browns 28, Titans 17

I once vowed to never pick the Browns on kickoff Sunday ever again, but the times are changin' and I've decided to practice the Power of Positivity.

Browns 63, Titans 4

Baker and the offense won't hit their stride for a few weeks.

Special Guest Pickers:

Mike from North Jersey:
Browns 24, Titans 7

The Cleveland home crowd, hype, and defense are just too much for the Titans to handle.

Nate from Chicago:
Browns 31, Titans 10

Big plays early on O and D. Mariota running for his life in the second half. Browns jump out early 14-0. They won't be rusty because of the Freddie Kitchens training camp intensity.

Jake from Chicago (President of the Chi-Town Dawg Pound):
Browns 35, Titans 17

Barleycorn on Clark is rocking, and so is all of Cleveland.