Sunday, September 8, 2019

What CST thinks about Browns-Titans Week One 2019

Tenessee Titans at Cleveland Browns 
September 8, 2019

Browns 27, Titans 10

Baker Mayfield picks up where he left off, but the stars of the show aren't OBJ and Baker, it's the D-Line and Nick Chubb who impose their will on the Tennessee Titans.

Browns 21, Titans 17

Offense jumps out to a lead and the defense hangs on for the win.

Browns 16, Titans 13

A slow start has Cleveland fans lined up on the 480 bridge, but unlikely hero Austin Siebert gives the Browns a rare Opening Day win.
Browns win.

I'm drunk.

Browns 17, Titans 16

22 years ago, I pumped a handful of quarters into the jukebox at the Panini's on Tenth Avenue in Columbus. Titans HC Mike Vrabel unplugged said jukebox when he didn't like my song selection.

This afternoon, Jon Bon Jovi and I get our revenge.

No pick this week.

Browns 28, Titans 17

I once vowed to never pick the Browns on kickoff Sunday ever again, but the times are changin' and I've decided to practice the Power of Positivity.

Browns 63, Titans 4

Baker and the offense won't hit their stride for a few weeks.

Special Guest Pickers:

Mike from North Jersey:
Browns 24, Titans 7

The Cleveland home crowd, hype, and defense are just too much for the Titans to handle.

Nate from Chicago:
Browns 31, Titans 10

Big plays early on O and D. Mariota running for his life in the second half. Browns jump out early 14-0. They won't be rusty because of the Freddie Kitchens training camp intensity.

Jake from Chicago (President of the Chi-Town Dawg Pound):
Browns 35, Titans 17

Barleycorn on Clark is rocking, and so is all of Cleveland.