Sunday, December 27, 2015

What CST thinks about Browns-Chiefs today

Cleveland Browns vs. Kansas City Chiefs
December 27, 2015

Chiefs 41, Browns 20

Manziel does OK, Browns put in even more effort than the Cavs did last night.

Chiefs 30, Browns 13

Another Sunday, another Browns loss. Why do I do this to myself? While the Chiefs are playing for something, the Browns are "playing" for the coach they want to keep. OIC do we wait on pins an needles to see who is going to right the ship next season with their own "process".
Chiefs 27, Browns 17

Only eight more sleeps until the merciful end of our long, regional nightmare. The offseason will carry its own kind of terror, but at least our Sundays will be free again.
Chiefs 27, Browns 20

Manziel plays well and keeps us in the game, but the defense is awful and will cost us another game. Next week's game vs. Pittsburgh in Cleveland could have more Steelers fans than Browns fans. Our own CST Tom was offered a free loge seat to the game and had no interest in it...sad.

Chiefs 33, Browns 31

John Football passes for 300 and rushes for 80, but K.C. preserves their streak after Coach Pettine mismanages the hell out of something. By the way, if Andy Reid can win 9 straight, then there's hope for mediocres everywhere.

Chiefs 27, Browns 14

Great googly moogly the Chiefs pull one out. Browns fans fall deeper in love with John Manziel.

Chiefs 34, Browns 10

After 14 games, I've come to the realization that the Browns are really only three positions away from contending... 1) offense, 2) defense, and 3) special teams.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

What CST thinks about Browns-Seahawks today

Cleveland Browns vs. Seattle Seahawks
December 20, 2015

Seahawks 51, Browns 21

Put me solidly in the camp of "forget drafting yet another quarterback." Let's play this season out and hopefully Jonathan Manziel can be competent, because the Browns have much deeper needs in the D and at wideout that we can't count on Josh Gordon to fill. And what the hell, give Cardale a look in the fourth round.

Seahawks 48, Browns 13

Who scores more points today? Kyrie in his return to the court or Browns? My guess is Kyrie. JF is in for a rude awakening today. With line issues and lack of receivers it's going to be a long, ugly day. The drumbeat for change grows much louder after this loss.
Seahawks 34, Browns 14

Johnny Manziel will need to make at least 40 pass attempts to keep it close against a Seattle defense that has struggled at times this year. If that's your idea of entertainment, go for it. A better viewing option may be Kyrie Irving's debut with the Cavs. But I won't tell you how to live your life, man!
Seahawks 38, Browns 17

I'm hoping sometime in the near future an opposing coach calls the Browns starting QB "not in the top tier," and we can all get upset cause our QB is like the 6th best in the league.

Seahawks 31, Browns 17

You're directing a soft porn film and the plot is simple: Grandfather and grandson are having an affair with the same woman. The devil's in the details, but one thing is certain - you want Pete Carroll and John Manziel as the male leads.

Seahawks 34, Browns 3

Browns get "Trumped" in the liberal Northwest.

Seahawks 42, Browns 10

Browns keep it close, but Seattle squeaks out a victory at home. See what I did there?

Sunday, December 13, 2015

What CST thinks about Browns-49ers today

Cleveland Browns vs. San Francisco 49ers
December 13, 2015

Browns 23, 49ers 21

Because it's 60 freaking degrees out, Johnny Football will perform well and really, what good is the #1 pick to this team anyway?

49ers 24, Browns 6

The free-fall continues. The only thing the Browns have going for them is there is only one more game at home this season.
49ers 20, Browns 10

This is the last game of the year the Browns have a chance to win. However, I can't imagine a still unproven Manziel having that much of an impact on this injury-riddled, talent-deprived team. To the fans who made the trek to the stadium for this dog, please play "We're Not Gonna Take It" on your cell phones throughout the contest. Send a message to management that you've had enough!!
Browns 23,  49ers 17

It's going to be 70 degrees in Cleveland today, so global warming is on our side. It's sad that I'm the only CST reporter who would even consider watching this in person.

Browns 9, 49ers 8 

Give me liberty or give me Trump!

49ers 24, Browns 10

A beautiful day for some shit football.

49ers 24, Browns 14

To quote Bobby Rayburn from the movie The Fan: "I just stopped caring, man."

Sunday, December 6, 2015

What CST thinks about Browns-Bengals today

Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals
December 6, 2015

Bengals 43, Browns 13

The Browns defense is an abomination and if Mike Pettine isn't humiliated, he should be fired. That said, I doubt firing the coach is the solve for the problems that this franchise has. After Monday's finish (can't call it demoralizing as the team and fanbase was already rock bottom), this feels similar to the Cavs-Heat last night--a sure loss.

Bengals 30, Browns 7

Austin Davis or Johnny Manziel. Doesn't matter, this team continues to flounder. Change is needed, and it is coming.
Bengals 27, Browns 9

All things considered, it's not hyperbole to say the 2015 Browns have amassed not just one of the worst years in franchise history, but one of most wretched seasons of Cleveland professional sports overall since I started being a fan of these lovely teams in the mid-'80s. The only thing that comes close in recent memory is the post-LeBron Cavs squad that lost 26 in a row. Unfortunately, there's no LeBron  waiting in the wings to save our pathetic football franchise.
Bengals 30, Browns 10

I got nothing. This team sucks and there is no reason to think they will be good anytime soon.

Columbus Crew SC 2, Portland Timbers 1

This is the only football game I'm concerned about today. I'm also releasing it as an official four-dime lock. Goals by Kei 'Haaskivi' Kamara, Justin Meram and Cleveland's own Darlington Nagbe.

Season: 0-1 (-1 Dime)

Bengals 31, Browns 10

I don't have a real comment because DONALD TRUMP SAYS SO!

Bengals 38, Browns 17

When the most exciting news of the week is that your team has re-signed Terrelle Pryor, you know you're a Browns fan.