Sunday, December 27, 2015

What CST thinks about Browns-Chiefs today

Cleveland Browns vs. Kansas City Chiefs
December 27, 2015

Chiefs 41, Browns 20

Manziel does OK, Browns put in even more effort than the Cavs did last night.

Chiefs 30, Browns 13

Another Sunday, another Browns loss. Why do I do this to myself? While the Chiefs are playing for something, the Browns are "playing" for the coach they want to keep. OIC do we wait on pins an needles to see who is going to right the ship next season with their own "process".
Chiefs 27, Browns 17

Only eight more sleeps until the merciful end of our long, regional nightmare. The offseason will carry its own kind of terror, but at least our Sundays will be free again.
Chiefs 27, Browns 20

Manziel plays well and keeps us in the game, but the defense is awful and will cost us another game. Next week's game vs. Pittsburgh in Cleveland could have more Steelers fans than Browns fans. Our own CST Tom was offered a free loge seat to the game and had no interest in it...sad.

Chiefs 33, Browns 31

John Football passes for 300 and rushes for 80, but K.C. preserves their streak after Coach Pettine mismanages the hell out of something. By the way, if Andy Reid can win 9 straight, then there's hope for mediocres everywhere.

Chiefs 27, Browns 14

Great googly moogly the Chiefs pull one out. Browns fans fall deeper in love with John Manziel.

Chiefs 34, Browns 10

After 14 games, I've come to the realization that the Browns are really only three positions away from contending... 1) offense, 2) defense, and 3) special teams.