Sunday, December 20, 2015

What CST thinks about Browns-Seahawks today

Cleveland Browns vs. Seattle Seahawks
December 20, 2015

Seahawks 51, Browns 21

Put me solidly in the camp of "forget drafting yet another quarterback." Let's play this season out and hopefully Jonathan Manziel can be competent, because the Browns have much deeper needs in the D and at wideout that we can't count on Josh Gordon to fill. And what the hell, give Cardale a look in the fourth round.

Seahawks 48, Browns 13

Who scores more points today? Kyrie in his return to the court or Browns? My guess is Kyrie. JF is in for a rude awakening today. With line issues and lack of receivers it's going to be a long, ugly day. The drumbeat for change grows much louder after this loss.
Seahawks 34, Browns 14

Johnny Manziel will need to make at least 40 pass attempts to keep it close against a Seattle defense that has struggled at times this year. If that's your idea of entertainment, go for it. A better viewing option may be Kyrie Irving's debut with the Cavs. But I won't tell you how to live your life, man!
Seahawks 38, Browns 17

I'm hoping sometime in the near future an opposing coach calls the Browns starting QB "not in the top tier," and we can all get upset cause our QB is like the 6th best in the league.

Seahawks 31, Browns 17

You're directing a soft porn film and the plot is simple: Grandfather and grandson are having an affair with the same woman. The devil's in the details, but one thing is certain - you want Pete Carroll and John Manziel as the male leads.

Seahawks 34, Browns 3

Browns get "Trumped" in the liberal Northwest.

Seahawks 42, Browns 10

Browns keep it close, but Seattle squeaks out a victory at home. See what I did there?