Sunday, September 15, 2013

Playoffs?? PLEASE!!

Fall 2013 marks the 30th anniversary of my first relationship with a pro ball team in Cleveland. I fell quickly, without fear or expectation. That's how nine year olds do it, you know. I'm not even sure I knew how newly-fangled indoor soccer actually was, or that the club names and orange ball were considered uncoventional. Purists called it "human pinball" and the league's demise was always just around the corner, but, in these parts, Kai Haaskivi and Keith Furphy were household names along with Andre Thornton and Brian Sipe. And the playoffs were a foregone conclusion for each of the five seasons I obsessively followed the Force. The MISL tournament was always filled with magic and heartbreak in Richfield, and the drama was my childhood drug. But it wasn't until I latched onto the Browns, Cavs and Indians that I realized just how rare playoff excitement can be in Cleveland. Well into my adult years, I'd drop everything for "meaningful games" or schedule vacation days months in advance even at the faintest future whiff of postseason play for any of our teams.

The chart below reveals a special stat from CST. If the Tribe falls short of a wildcard birth, it represents the only time in our collective lives as Cleveland sports fanatics that three calendar years will pass without a playoff appearance from either the Browns, Cavs or Indians. So just in case you were wondering about the most torturous wasn't the Drive-Fumble-Shot trifecta or the three years without the NFL or LeBron leaving amidst the painful Indians rebuild and Browns coaching/QB carousel. Nope, the hardest times are right fucking now. Save us, Tito.

1985 Cavs
1987 Browns
1988 Browns, Cavs
1989 Browns, Cavs
1990 Browns, Cavs
1992 Cavs
1993 Cavs
1994 Cavs
1995 BrownsCavs, Tribe
1996 Cavs, Tribe
1997 Tribe
1998 Cavs, Tribe
1999 Tribe
2001 Tribe
2003 Browns
2006 Cavs
2007 Cavs, Tribe 
2008 Cavs
2009 Cavs
2010 Cavs
2013 ???


49ers (+ 3) over Seahawks, 2 dimes
Saints (-3.5) over Bucs, 1 dime

Last week: 3-0 (+3 dimes)


Who is the Vox?
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