Saturday, September 28, 2013's error page is Carlos Martinez' home run off Jose Canseco's head

In general, I love MLB At Bat. When it works right, I can watch out of market games on my phone, tablet, computer, or connected TV. Of course it doesn't always work right. For instance, it seems to think my laptops (work and home) are mobile devices, so defaults to the mobile page, which doesn't let you easily pull up the Indians game. Meh.

But, in all the action as I try to fire up today's game vs. the Twins, I came across an error page on which had this fantastic GIF. The famous day during the last season of old Municipal Stadium when Carlos Martinez hit a ball which became a home run, off Jose Canseco's steroid infused dome. 


By the way, kids who were born on the day this happened will be able to legally buy a beer in about 8 months. Ugh.