Monday, September 23, 2013

Peter King tries to out-haiku me??

Well, well.

Mr. Peter King, of Sports Illustrated and new site TheMMQB, today sang the praises of Browns holding-punting-sometimes-kicking-once-in-a-while-touchdown-throwing machine Spencer Lanning. In King's Monday Morning QB column today, he writes a haiku to Lanning:
Yo, Spencer Lanning:
What a day you had v. Vikes.
You sell popcorn too?

Ann Heisenfelt/AP
Not too shabby, but hell, I thought haikus were my thing. I liked writing them so much that our very own Ryan threatened me with bodily harm if I didn't quit writing them. But I won a haiku smackdown once. (True story.)

Anyway, let me lend my own two cents worth of haikus about the Browns, Buckeyes, and Tribe today.

It's homeboy Hoyer
Game winning drive for the Browns.
Fans mouths still agape.

Scene Magazine
Indians streaking.
Only one more week to go.
Smelling October.

Powderpuff weekend.
Kenny, superstar backup.
Bucks just scored again.

Bonus Cavs haiku!
36 days and counting.
No sleep till Brooklyn.
(Photo courtesy Jeff Gross)