Sunday, September 8, 2013

What we think will happen for the Browns this season

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2013-14 Season Predictions

Browns: 8-8
Second Place in AFC North

Super Bowl: Broncos over Packers
I can seriously see the Browns winning anywhere between 4 and 11 wins, because I am a delusional unapologetic homer who is both eternally optimistic and heartbroken. I want to give Weeden the time to develop, and that means a few games, with a RB, a WR, and a great line. The defense can hopefully take care of the rest.


Browns 8-8
Third place in AFC North

Finally the Browns look like they know what they are doing on both offense and defense. It leads to improvement, but ultimately only an 8-8 record in the tough AFC North. Tiebreakers knock them down to third place, but the foundation seems to be in place.


Browns 6-10
Last place in AFC North
Super Bowl: Seahawks over Broncos

The Browns are thin at key positions and carry a big, rangy red-headed question mark at quarterback. I need to see the proof on the field before feeling the slightest shred of optimism about this franchise.

Browns 7-9
3rd place in AFC North

Super Bowl:
Falcons over Broncos

The loss of Pat Shurmur automatically equals two extra wins. Anything more requires a leap of faith that the Browns haven't earned.

Browns 7-9
3rd place in AFC North

49ers over Broncos

Offense will at least looks like a pro offense. Defense will be aggressive. Coaching staff will be at least be competent. All things I've thought the past 10 seasons. There is improvement, but come December, it's another play-off-less season in Cleveland.


Browns 8-8

I think this team could be anywhere from 6-10 to 10-6. The Browns need Weeden to prove he is an NFL quarterback, or it's back to another QB next year and yet another restart. But I think Weeden gets it done and the Browns are a playoff contender...NEXT year.


Browns get 3 wins, plus 2 losses by their opponent.

Last place in the AFC North

I want to be optimistic but this Browns team is just too young and too thin.