Sunday, November 27, 2016

What CST Thinks about Browns-Giants today

New York Giants at Cleveland Browns
November 27, 2016

Giants 27, Browns 13

This is the one game Sports Illustrated picked the Browns to win. I'm gonna guess they were wrong. As you can see from the number of predictions here and the blue jerseys in the stands, interest in the Browns is at a lowwwww point.

Giants 34, Browns 6

It's a sunny, warm day for November here in Cleveland. Go enjoy the weather - this disaster doesn't deserve our attention.

Giants 27, Browns 10

The Browns are no longer even competitive these days, a sad fact made  more depressing by the lack of standout rookies on this roster. What do fans have to look forward to when this franchise seems so broken? Jimmy Haslam doesn't make me miss the Lerners, but future prospects under the current owner's regime look very bleak indeed.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

What CST thinks about Browns-Steelers today

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns
November 20, 2016

Steelers 43, Browns 13

This November thankfully is 2/3 over. Can't end fast enough.

Steelers 31, Browns 13

Steelers are playing .500 football this year and yet still turn FirstEnergy Stadium into a home field, and blow out the Browns. Hue says he and the front office are in sync, and the team is headed in the right direction, but how long before the finger pointing begins for this disaster of a seaason that still has over a month left?

Steelers 31, Browns 12

Pittsburgh desperately needs a win while the Browns continue their nearly 20-year-long search for an identity. You do the math. Expect the Steelers to visit the end zone frequently and the Terrible Towels to take over FirstEnergy Stadium once more.
Steelers 27, Browns 26 (editor's pick)

It's not because I didn't tailgate hard enough, that's for sure.

Steelers don't care, Browns don't care

I don't care and that's the best thing about it.

Steelers 24, Browns 10

Now leave me alone so I can try and enjoy my Sunday. All credit to Ryan who no doubt was at the Muni Lot before sunrise and will stay until the bitter, windy end today.

Steelers 50, Browns 3

I'm blurbed out on this team

Steelers 3, Browns 72

Making America Great Again.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

What CST Thinks about Browns-Ravens tonight

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens 
November 10, 2016

Browns 279, Ravens 228 (not fully counted)

The Browns are running a joke of a campaign. Nobody thinks they can win. Their heads are bright orange. They insult the intelligence of their own fans with every action. It's an embarrassment to their supporters and humiliates the country. And gives the Ravens an 81% chance of winning.

Ravens 42, Browns 14

This game certainly doesn't help the NFL ratings problem. I feel bad for the people who are still drinking the kool-aid being made in Berea these days.

Ravens 26, Browns 10

A super-duper ding-dong week of wonderful good times gets even better with Thursday night Browns action! Watch our brave boys try very hard and inch ever closer to that elusive first win of the season. Have whiskey on hand. Lots of whiskey!
Browns 24, Ravens 23

Just two short years ago, Brian Hoyer led the Browns to a Thursday Night victory and a 7-4 record. Since that night, the Browns are 3-27. Looking for Kessler to bring back some Thursday Night magic and in my dreams we go on a 27-3 run over the next 2 years.

Ravens who cares, Browns who cares

Worst November ever continues.

Ravens 8, Browns 7

Browns actually stage a late comeback but lose it after a brief rain delay.

Ravens 34, Browns 10

Thanks Obama!

Browns 29, Ravens 0

The Browns sink the haters hope at a winless season.

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Tribe gives Cleveland a reason to be proud

First thing's first. 

This isn't a moral victory post, or some sad epitaph talking about how glad I am the Indians made the World Series, by golly. I'm very unhappy the Tribe now stands on the wrong side of history, in particular the fact they, dare I say it, blew a 3-1 lead to catapult Cubs Nation into conniptions of curse-breaking joy.
A moment of joy

There's no participant ribbon here, folks. Fox could should me another hundred little old ladies in blue and white, and I still wouldn't have felt sorry if the Indians had completed their Game 7 comeback.

Still, those uglier feelings can't take away how proud I am of this 2016 Indians squad, blown series lead and all. Here was a roster hamstrung by injuries to the point where the Tribe's own beat writer called the playoffs over before they'd even begun. A franchise with a payroll dwarfed by not just the "lovable" Northsiders, but by their ALDS and ALCS opponents as well.

The 2016 Tribe, put very simply, was fun, delivering some of the most exciting moments I've every witnessed as a Cleveland sports fan. Think Tyler Naquin rocking out after his walk-off inside-the -park homer against Toronto. Think Adam Miller acting as a lanky angel of death against opposing batters. Think Tito Francona cobbling together a playoff gameplan that squeezed every ounce of talent out of what he had available.

Ultimately, the Cubs got hot and the Indians ran out of bodies. I can't get mad at Miller, Corey Kluber and Josh Tomlin for succumbing to workload and a murderous Cubs' lineup. I cannot even get upset with Bryan Shaw for taking the "L" after a momentum-sapping rain delay. Maybe I can be little perturbed at Mike Napoli for not hitting his weight during the post-season, but let's not go there now.

Even when the Tribe looked dead during the deciding game, they still almost shocked the world. Rajai Davis's eight-inning home run wasn't enough, but the team's comeback in the highest of high-pressure situations somehow makes me feel better about the depressing finish.

A part of that attitude stems from the Cavs winning in June - without that to hold onto, this column probably doesn't get written  - but it was gratifying to see the Indians not skulk quietly away into the night, as so many Cleveland teams have before them.

You could also say the Indians are ahead of schedule, what with the pitching injuries and the year-long absence of Michael Brantley. The Tribe's young hitting core will return next year, as will Danny Salazar and Carlos Carrasco. Given baseball's volatile nature and how freaking hard it is to reach the sport's pinnacle, there are no guarantees the team will be in this position again. Even so, the Indians gave fans more than they could ask for this post-season, and that is a joy in and of itself.  

What CST thinks about Browns-Cowboys today

                                              Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns 

November 6, 2016

Cowboys 41, Browns 20

Cody Kessler said he would not want to trade places with Dak Prescott. WHICH IS INSANE. Do not ever take financial advice from Cody Kessler.

Cowboys 30, Browns 17

After a thrilling few weeks of baseball playoff action, it's back to our regularly scheduled programming of boring Browns beatdowns. Kessler and Corey Coleman may make this game worth tuning into for Cleveland fans, but expect a repeat of the last eight weeks, just without the laugh track.
Cowboys 27, Browns 17

I hope Zeke fumbles three times and gains zero yards. #CityofBasketballChampions

No Pick

I've been locked in my basement since 2 a.m. Thursday morning with a pail, a jumbo-sized jar of animal crackers, and six bottles of bourbon. 

Cowboys 34, Browns 17

Cleveland's consecutive run to championship games may be over if the Browns don't turn things around quickly.