Sunday, November 20, 2016

What CST thinks about Browns-Steelers today

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns
November 20, 2016

Steelers 43, Browns 13

This November thankfully is 2/3 over. Can't end fast enough.

Steelers 31, Browns 13

Steelers are playing .500 football this year and yet still turn FirstEnergy Stadium into a home field, and blow out the Browns. Hue says he and the front office are in sync, and the team is headed in the right direction, but how long before the finger pointing begins for this disaster of a seaason that still has over a month left?

Steelers 31, Browns 12

Pittsburgh desperately needs a win while the Browns continue their nearly 20-year-long search for an identity. You do the math. Expect the Steelers to visit the end zone frequently and the Terrible Towels to take over FirstEnergy Stadium once more.
Steelers 27, Browns 26 (editor's pick)

It's not because I didn't tailgate hard enough, that's for sure.

Steelers don't care, Browns don't care

I don't care and that's the best thing about it.

Steelers 24, Browns 10

Now leave me alone so I can try and enjoy my Sunday. All credit to Ryan who no doubt was at the Muni Lot before sunrise and will stay until the bitter, windy end today.

Steelers 50, Browns 3

I'm blurbed out on this team

Steelers 3, Browns 72

Making America Great Again.