Thursday, November 14, 2019

What CST thinks about Browns-Steelers Week 11

Pittsburgh Steelers at Cleveland Browns
November 14, 2019

Steelers 23, Browns 16

I'm desperately hoping I'm wrong, but the ugly winning performance against the Bills did not get my season hopes up, nor my confidence in our coaching and play calling. It's nice to see Baker make some nice passes, and there are indeed signs of life, but this will be a tough one and the Browns are not showing they can break 20 points consistently. Hopefully they don't go "00" or "10" this week, or I may break another TV.

Steelers 21, Browns 17

Steelers' defense creates turnovers which gives them short fields all game long. Which, in turn, makes for a long cold night on the lakefront for the faithful in brown and orange.

Steelers 19, Browns 12

One win doesn't solve the fundamental issues plaguing this team, starting with the guy on the sideline who is still learning on the job.
Browns 31, Steelers 0

Statement game.

Browns 23, Steelers 22 (OT)

Left my bookie’s house paid
Picked up my younger daughter from the sixth grade
She pushed for Drake, I played the Killers
The Brownies beat the Pitttsburgh Stillers

Browns 24, Steelers 21

Browns pull out a close one and bring a little hope and warmth to freezing CST fans.

Steelers 34, Browns 24

Aw who knows.

Browns 69, Steelers 0


Browns 13, Steelers 10

Browns win behind a huge game from Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt.