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Merry Christmas

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All-Time Top 50 "Sports Entertainers"

Professional wrestling has been around a long time. Starting as a carnival act, it has evolved into an international multi-million dollar phenomenon. Competitors are no longer known as "wrestlers" and are instead now only referred to as "superstars". The term "Sports Entertainment" has replaced "Pro Wrestling" reflecting the much broader reaches of the industry.

With the New Year almost upon us, it is a time for reflection. With apologies to all time greats like Gorgeous George (the first true "entertainer"), Bruno Sammartino, Buddy Rodgers (the first WWF champion), and Barry Horowitz... well maybe not... I give you my top 50 wrestl... I mean, sports entertainers since I have been watching (1983). Afterall, I can only comment on what I've witnessed, and it wouldn't be fair to try an evaluate someone's true impact just from hearsay.

Because the industry is as much, if not more about the entertainment as the quality of "wrestling", my list is mostly weighed on the impact the particular superstar made to the sport. It is not a list of how "good" each individual is as a mat-technician. Here we go:

Hulk Hogan is to wrestling as Star Wars is to science fiction. I know some of the purest out there are cringing at the thought, but there is no denying that The Hulkster made wrestling what it is today. From the moment he broke the evil Iron Sheik's Camel Clutch (a feat never done prior), wrestling has never been the same. Terry Bolea had people saying their prayers and eating their vitamins all over the world.

While Hogan drew fans like never before, Vince McMahon REVOLUTIONIZED the basic structure of the industry. Until Vinny Mac came along, wrestling was made up of small territories. Wrestlers were only known locally. That all changed as McMahon purchased these territories, forming a monopoly, or empire if you will, providing wrestling with a national stage... a presence in the mainstream culture that continues to grow.

Yes, Eric Bischoff is at #3. Even though WCW was only at the pinnacle of sports entertainment for a mere 4 years, Bischoff's influences in the sport are unparalled. The "attitude" of today, kayfabing (breaking character), controvesy, etc. can all be attributed to this pioneer. Most importantly, Bischoff's WCW made the WWE better which ultimately saved it from bankrupcy.

Prior to Hulk Hogan, local and national news programs began to feature stories about a 7'3", 500 lb. man who was agile (Andre could actually perform drop kicks early in his career), strong (he'd lift four women at once on his shoulders) and charasmatic. People started to pay attention and Andre the Giant became a household name. FYI, Andre Rousimoff (his real name) could also drink 12 bottles of wine prior to a match with no (immediate) effect on his performances.

Who doesn't know The Nature Boy? Even non-wrestling fans have heard of him. Being a 17 time world champion helps too. Whether heel or babyface, fans have been yelling "WHOOO" for over 20 years. Incredibly, Naytch almost didn't even get his career off the ground when early in his career, he broke his back in a plane crash that claimed the lives of 3 other men.

Steve William's Stone Cold character may have saved the WWE back in the Monday Night Wars era, when WCW was beating WWE in the ratings war every week. He blurred the line between babyface and heel, a characteristic still prominent in many of the WWE supertars. Bad@ss face had never been uttered until Stone Cold came to town. His fued with McMahon carried the WWE as your average everyday people related to his desire to "kick the bosses @ss". Afterall, don't we all wish we could flip off our bosses and "stun" them to hell?

One of the best all-time on the mic, Dwayne Johnson is now a preusing Hollywood and has become a fairly mainstream actor known world-wide. The People's Eyebrow somehow became a universal symbol known world wide, meaning "I'm the sh!t and I'm about to kick your @ss!"

We can't have heroes if we don't have villians... and Piper was the greatest villian (heel) of all. From cracking Jimmy Snuka over the head with a coconut, to fighting Mr. T, to beating up Morton Downey Jr., Piper is arguably the most controversial heel in the history of the sport. His Piper's Pit segment was the predecessor to all the great "talkshow" segments seen in recent history.

Who is this you ask? Verne Gagne was a former wrestler and promoter of an organization out of Mineapolis called the AWA (American Wrestling Alliance). The AWA was third in the Big 3 of the 1980's (WWF, NWA, AWA) and employed supertars before they were supertar, launching careers of legends such as Hulk Hogan, Curt Henning, The Road Warriors, Jesse Ventura, Bobby Heenen, and more.

He's loud, he's obnoxious, he's brash... but he's helluva innovator within the industry. ECW defined a new generation of superstar and paved the way for a new extreme style that is at the forefront of almost every match today.

The most popular tag team of all time, The Road Warriors are the only team to hold all three major tag team titles (WWF, NWA, & AWA). They redefined the tag team division with their power moves and painted faces, a look never seen before, incidentally taken from the Mel Gibson movie Mad Max.

A legend in the Memphis area, this former AWA World Champion is best known as the guy who slapped (and later wrestled) comedian Andy Kaufman. Jerry Lawler has made history as being the wrestler with the most championship reigns of all time. He has won 111 titles in his career.

Nobody, including myself, would have thought The Hitman would be this high on ANY list back in the mid-80s when he and partner Jim Neidhart were a mid-card tag team known as The Hart Foundation. But multiple world titles later, and whalla. Bret Hart is national hero in Canada, has a column in a Canadian newspaper, has a hockey team named after him (The Calgary Hitmen), and is currently playing the genie in the "Aladdin" play. The Montreal Screwjob is the most talked about inner-industry swerve ever, and unfortunately The Excellence of Execution never recovered.

If this list was purely about MY all time favorites, Sting may have been #1. Mixing power and high flying agility, Sting had a charisma like no other. While The Road Warriors were darker, more brutal characters defined by their face paint and ring attire, Sting wore bright tights, a colorful array of face paints, and had beach blonde hair. Half the enjoyment was wondering what he'd look like each night. But most importantly, Sting is considered the NWA/WCW franchise player, being the only superstar to never "jump ship" to the WWE. He truly carried the organization in its darkest times. Then he became Crow Sting, out of shape, older, and disinterested... an officially jumped the shark as far as I'm concerned.

I've never been much of an Undertaker fan. But "The Phenom" is hugely popular, and although he originally came from NWA/WCW, stuck with the WWE company through the bad times making him the WWE's own "Franchise". He is currently undefeated at Wrestlemania, a streak of well over ten years. From the undead zombie who got his powers from a mysterious urn, to the supernatural comic book character, to the American Bad@ss biker, Mark Callous has been able to forever etch The Undertaker persona into wrestling lore.

Too many heel/face turns to count, Savage gained poularity in the mid to late 80s that eventually propelled him to the WWF World Championship and several runs as the Intercontinental Champion. Many inside the industry feel Hogan felt so threatened by Savage's popularity, he sabotaged his WWF career. Ironically, Hogan urged Eric Bischoff to bring in Savage in WCW's infancy. Macho Man's match at Wrestlemania III with Ricky Steamboat is considered one of the all-time greatest matches ever.

The only thing Paul Levesque has done (besides marry Vince McMahon's daughter, which may make him the smartest wrestler of all time) is win the WWE world championship TEN times. Also took over DX with Shawn Michaels first retirement, reaching the height of its epic popularity.

A G.I. Joe character was developed based on this guy who battled for the good ol' U.S.A. A short run as a heel supporter of Iraq during Desert Storm saw him reach the top as WWF world champion. Some say this forever hurt his status in wrestling history, but he had a frikin' G.I. Joe action figure and cartoon. Enough said.

The Shawn Michaels era of WWF was a dark one. Upstart WCW was gaining momentum and the WWE was reeling. But Michael Hickenbrand is a multiple time world champion and is hugely popular as H.B.K. His formation of DX may have saved the WWF when eveything was about WCW's nWo.

Arguably the most famous manager of all time, "The Brain" managed greats such as Andre the Giant, Big John Studd, Ken Patera, Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff, King Kong Bundy, and more. Usually the thorn in the side of Hulk Hogan, Heenen spoke for guys who had absolutely no mic skills, making them main eventers when there was nothing to work with.

Sons of the legendary Fritz Von Erich, tragedy pretty much across the board... Mike, David, Chris, and Kerry all gone before their time. The Von Erichs literally owned texas wrestling, known as WCCW (World Class Championship Wrestling). Kevin is the only remaining brother. Kerry, perhaps the most famous Von Erich, defeated Ric Flair to become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion. The Von Erich claw is one of those finishing maneuvers that will forever transcend time.

Just know that his "King" gimmick in the WWF was actually at the vey END of his remarkable career. A multiple time NWA and AWA world champion. WWF gimmick started the annual "King of the Ring Tournament".

"Have a Nice Day!" Maybe the most extreme/hardcore performer of all time, there wasn't a bump Foley wouldn't take to thrill the crowd. Half an ear was ripped off, teeth threw his lip, a fall from an 18 ft. high steel cage, broken ribs... just a few of the many injuries suffered in the ring over his career. Reached the pinnacle as a multiple WWE world champion. Some say his winning the world title is the single most important point in the Monday Night Wars, when WCW commentator Tony Schiavonne gave away WWE Raw's ending, making fun of Cactus Jack winning the title on the pre-recoreded show. The plan backfired as millions switched over to Raw, giving the WWE momentum it never would've had.

The former tag team partner of Sting, The Ultimate Warrior basically had no in ring skill. He invented the "squash" match... and it was hugely poplular when the WWE focused on kids wanting their wrestlers to be superheros. The Warrior was "chosen" to carry the torch after Hulk Hogan's first retirement. Some might say he prevented a total fall off post-Hogan. Unfortunately Jim Hellwig began a downward spiral shortly after, defined by the recently released DVD "The Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior".

"The American Dream", not counting his stint as the polka-dot wearing plumber in 80's WWF. Former NWA World Champion.

Their "invasion" to WCW marked the beginning of perhaps the single greatest angle in wrestling history, taking kayfabing to an all new level. No longer were other wrestling companies "never spoken of" on tv. The Monday Night Wars had officially begun.

Hardcore legend, NWA World Champion, ECW World Champion, and WWF main eventer.

NWA World Champion. Career defining fueds with Ric Flair and Randy Savage.

First ever ECW champion, Snuka found fame in the WWF with his "I Love You" hand sign followed by his finishing move (predecessor of The Frog Splash). Career defining moment: a superfly jump from on top of an 18 ft. high steel cage.

"U.S.A - chaa, poo!" Some say he took the WWF world title off of Bob Backlund only to set up Hulk Hogan as an American Hero. That alone makes him a critical part of wrestling history.

5 time WCW world champion, 10 time WCW tag team champion, WWE world champion, WWE world tag team champion. An impressive resume to say the least.

Once billed as the son of Andre the Giant, the Big Show is the only person to ever hold the WCW, WWE, and ECW world titles.

Perhaps the most popular tag team in the WWF during it's growth period of the 80's. Their new style mixed power (Davey Boy Smith) and agility (Dynamite Kid). WWF tag team champions.

The Madman from Sudan defied all logic in the ring. Perhaps the all-time greatest blader and the father of the "foreign objects".

"The Million Dollar Man" worked as one of, if not THE top heel in WWF during the mid to late 80s. Heavily involved in ending Hulk Hogan's first title reign when on Saturday Night's Main Event on NBC, he payed off the referee to tie his twin up in the back, to do a quick count, and declare Andre the Giant heavyweight champion.

NWA's russian heel faction main evented cards in the mid 80s feuding with the likes of Dusty Rhodes and Magnum T.A. Ivan a one time World Champion. Nikita a U.S. Champion.

Gained popularity in AWA and WCCW, the men from Badstreet U.S.A. also had a run in NWA winning the tag titles. Invented the "Freebird Rule" where any of the 3 members of the group could defend the belts (also used by the Koloffs, Demolition, The Dudleys, and more).

How can an announcer be on this list? Jim Ross is more than an announcer... he handles a lot of behind-the-scenes duties and is the benchmark to which other announcers are measured.

WWF's answer to The Road Warriors. Unexpectedly went from Road Warrior rip-offs to hugely popular WWF tag team champions.

WWF Intercontinental and tag team champion. Argument whether he or Ric Flair invented the infamous "face flop".

One of the greatest WWF Intercontinental Champions of all time. Legendary feud with Greg Valentine. We'd like to forget about the "Matador" gimmick thank you.

Held the WWF women's title for 20 years.

Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson - arguably the most popular tag team of the 80s. Multiple time tag team champions. Had girls yelling and crying like they were at a rock concert.

Has won several various title in NWA and WWF. Member of The Four Horseman. Became famous as a member of the U.S. Express (with Mike Rotundo), "saving" the WWE from the evil clutches of the Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff.

I can't believe he made this list, but he does own the all-time longest Intercontinental Title reign in WWE history. Unfortunately, also owns the quickest title loss in a "squash" match to The Ultimate Warrior.

WCW and WWE world champion

The enforcer of "The Four Horsemen", multiple time world tag team and NWA TV champion. WWE booker. Wrestling legend.

The evil "Taskmaster" was a top heel everywhere he went.

A fixture on WWF tv for years and later in WCW, Mean Gene was THE interviewer, at a level that has not been duplicated.

50. Rey Mysterio Jr.
Greatest Cruiserweight of all time? With a run as WWE World Champion, I would say so.

Drew's Blog

Bill Simmons points out this hilarious blog written by "Drew Bledsoe"...

"...and we let 'em off the hook..."

I just watched Mike Brown address the media after the Cavs' debacle tonight against the Pistons, and let me tell you, he seemed to be one cheap podium away from pulling a Dennis Green...

Hopefully he shows some fire in the locker room because this is getting ridiculous.

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Not a sports take..

...but I just watched Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth", and not only does it reaffirm to me that our country made a grave error in 2000 by "electing" George W. Bush, but also that Al Gore should run again in 2008 and be the president of this great country.

Visit to find out more.

Plus I kinda like the Melissa Etheredge song at the end...

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Sports Guy's NFL Power Poll this week. Browns sink to #29...

29. Cleveland
I'd feel a lot better about these guys if Danny Ferry hadn't crippled them with so many horrible signings and draft picks. Wait, which Cleveland team is this again?


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A benefit of being a Browns fan...

According to Bill Simmons, we are lucky enough to have a top NFL announcing team on a regular basis...

Thursday, November 30, 2006

What possible reason could there have been to fire Michael Reghi? I mean, I would have gotten it a couple years ago, when I could not stand his "lift and lace" routine over and over. But in the past couple years he has personified the giddy excitement that Cavs fans felt watching LeBron mature into the absolute stud that he is. Already.

But Dan Gilbert, who has undoubtedly made the Gund into a much better place, hopefully not only for fans but for players too, felt the need to put his "Detroit stamp" on the Cavs. At first, McLeod didn't seem that bad, but not unlike Charlie Frye...he got old quick.

Bring back Reghi! After Wednesday's debacle to the Knicks--we can't wait long.

Retire the Jersey

Well chances are it would have happened even with 150 yards and two INTs, but Troy certainly cemented his place in Buckeye history with the huge game, yet again, against Michigan. If he can finish the job against USC/Florida/Michigan again, he will go down as one of the most revered players in Ohio State history. Certainly for those born after, say 1976.

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It is Time

Well it's weird to say, but we may never see another buildup for an Ohio State-Michigan Game as the one on Saturday. Not only the greatest rivalry in all of sports, one that inspires insanity in Ohio State fans no matter if both teams are 11-0, 7-4, or one is good and the other blows. (Apologies to umm, clueless, writers at, here, and here.)

The funny thing is, I am nowhere near as geeked up as I should be, less than 48 hours before kickoff. And I don't really know why that is. Is Ohio State just too damn good? I mean, at the end of last year I had zero doubt that they were going to kill Notre Dame, and they continued to do just that. In the Tressel years, I feel almost spoiled. The sick feeling that just tugged at the back of my mind before Michigan games in the past (see 1993, 1995, and the worst of all, 1996), just isn't there anymore. It damn sure was in the fall of 2002, and the 5 weeks leading up to the Fiesta Bowl may have been the most stressful, anticipatory sports weeks I can ever have. The game was so good, the very definition of an Instant Classic.

At the beginning of the year I read all the articles about the 9 starters lost on defense, and wondered along with the national media if even Ohio State's powerhouse offense can score enough points to make up for what the young defense was going to give up. So what ends up happening? They lead the nation in scoring defense with an insane 7.8 points per game, and allow 20 yards less per game than last year's powerhouse defense. They made a huge-built-up game at Texas into a solid win, and won the rest of their games including another primetime win against a turns-out-to-be-overrated Iowa team. (I'll erase the Illinois JV matchup from memory.)

The Best
But that's not the reason they're going to win. Number Ten is the reason. I never thought anyone would eeeeever replace Eddie George as my all time favorite football player--but all of a sudden Troy Smith comes from fighting for time with Justin Zwick (I wasn't impressed in the only HS game I saw him in) to playing Superman in two straight Michigan and bowl games. The one throw I remember, a perfectly thrown ball over a receiver's shoulder--that's the moment I knew. Let's just say I hope Charlie Frye has to battle Troy Smith for a starting spot by the middle of next year. The man makes incredible play after incredible play, and never fails to surprise me.

War if the Cavs can finish one off, and the Tribe and Browns can put it together...this may finally be the golden age of Cleveland sports that Sam predicted.

War the most boring Heisman ceremony ever.

War Scouts Inc. picked Michigan so they can look smart after an upset.

War I like this red and blue map (right) a lot
better than the ones in 2000 and 2004.

War Ted Ginn not stutter stepping when he catches the ball.

War sleeping in a bubble.

War I almost cried frozen tears listening to Cie Grant sing Carmen Ohio and I hope it happens again.

War Ohio State 37, Michigan 13. Touchdowns for Pittman, Gonzalez, Ginn, and a little Brush High alum named Roy Hall. And 300+ yards for Troy.

And finally, War me not jinxing the whole f*cking thing.

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Froms' Fury (2) Appendix

I almost forgot to address the "No Busing to Memorial" comment:

1. I'm pretty sure that's a school system decision, not a South Euclid (the city) decision.
2. Memorial is in Lyndhurst, so maybe Sockweed, you should be mad at them.

Okay, back to work.

Froms' Fury (2)

Since I've been called out by the biggest contributor to this blog, I will respond to Vox in the Box (10)... don't worry Sockinoid, my fury doesn't have anything to do with you, but I will comment on some of your points.

My fury for this week is a unique and insignificant incident that happened while I was in Subway on Monday. And now you're asking "if it was insignificant, then why am I still talking about it today?" Well it was pretty disturbing at the time...
Around lunch time, the Subway in the BP at the corner of Richmond and Chagrin can get pretty busy. Monday was no different... I'm about tenth in line and we'll just say they aren't the fastest Subway on earth....THIS IS NOT PART OF THE FURY, JUST SOMETHING TO ADD TO THE STORY... I'm behind a rather "solid" (she wasn't fat, but had some extra lbs) colored woman (and by colored I mean black, not white like Mr. Sanford exclaimed the prepetrators were after being asked if they were colored). Some Kelly Clarkson song (yeah I new it was Clarkson, so what!?) is playing over the speaker and for some reason, this woman thought she was at "The Basement"... yeah, she's getting her groove on in the middle of BP. Now PLEASE don't take this the wrong way. This is NOT meant to be racist AT ALL.... but how come you never see a white person doing that... can you imagine? Actually, that's a site I'd love to see... OKAY, BACK THE FURY... I finally get up to the counter and order my food. Two spots ahead of me is a man, I'd guess in his mid to late thirties, who ordered a veggie sub. So the lady is making his 'wich when she asks, "Do you want tomato?". Me and the rest of the line aren't really paying that much attention, but we hear the response: "Cut one in half." HUH? That extra half of a tomato is going to make a difference? How about taking one half off when you're alone and nobody is there to laugh at you for that ridiculous request. And trust me, there was a collective chuckle. Not to mention, he didn't say "CAN YOU cut one in half PLEASE", just "Cut one in half" (like NOW BITCH!)Okay so that's a weird request, but not the end of the world. The "Sandwich Artist" (that drives me nuts) then asks, "Do you want mayo". "Yes" the man replies. She does the usual squirt in a zig zag motion and suddenly the guy WHINES (AND I MEAN WHINES), "THAT'S TOO MUCH! IT'S SWIMMING! I WON'T EAT THAT!" Let me tell you... that sandwich was NOT swimming in mayo. And how about saying "That's enough" so she stops like every other person does. Has this guy ever been to Subway before? First she says "Sir, why didn't you tell me to stop?" She then asks, "Do you want me to make another one?" First he says "Yes", but then says (I think because he realized everyone was staring at him in disbelief) "Just forget it!" and walks away. Remember, the line was out-da-door, so this guy nit-picking about a half of a tomato and mayo was (although funny)pretty aggravating... When she was close to making him a whole new sandwich, there was this collective sound and inhale, as if some shocking revelation was just realized... you know, like "OH MY GOD", hand over the mouth, "YOU'RE KIDDING", "I DON'T BELIEVE IT". It took me until I got back to my office (about 10 minutes) to forget about how this grown adult male acted like an old whinny woman in the middle of Subway.

Citizens vs. South Euclid:
The no eating in car ordinance was something I never understood. Your car is your property, so why can't you fucking eat in it? But I guess it's so you don't hold up a spot for another customer, or maybe it was to reduce the possibility of trash on the ground... I really don't know why... but Sock...why do you want to sit in a parking lot eating anyway? Take it home or eat while you're driving. That Ice Cream man is the hardest working man is SadaEuc... he works on Sunday mornings. I too miss the WWF (yeah, I used the F... come get me World Wild Life Fund) ice cream bars. Even if you weren't a 'sling mark, dem tings was good! I recommend the new X-Men bars... not nearly as good, but the eyeballs are bubble gum. The No Dogs Allowed in Bexley... Sock, I'm just guessing, but they probably don't want or have had trouble with dogs shitting in the park. Seeing as thought there are kids playing, I get it. Some people don't pick it up. Besides, there's the brand new Dog Park across from Quarry Park. We cut through the parking lot at Bexley with the dogs, but I can see why they don't want people walking through the middle of the park. Also, it could be a safety thing... if your dog attacks a little kid, I bet the City could get sued. Which leads me to all the other ordinances... S.E. can get sued if someone gets hurt or killed. We just put up a bunch of signs at CSU prohibiting skateboarding, rollerblading, etc. in the plaza area because they don't want to get sued, which happened to some university somewhere else. Sucks, but that's the world we live in today... SUE ANYTHING THAT MOVES!

Dump the DP:
I'm not arguing whether we should have it or not... I've gone back and forth on that in my head for years. But I will argue your point that this death row killer (I assume he murdered someone) took 40 minutes to die and that's torture. It's not like they purposely toyed with the guy and only half-shocked him or half-injected him over and over. What should they have done? Put him against the wall and shot him? Chopped his head off? Hanged him.. and if his neck didn't break let him suffocate until he shit himself? Now that's Cruel and Unusual Punishment. I don't know if the DP is right or not, but I don't have much sympathy for someone who committed a crime worthy of that sentence. Please, nobody bring up about the guys that are wrongly convicted... that's a whole other thing... I'm talking about the guys that are guilty, not doubt about it.

Vox Growing Angrier By the Paragraph:
All I can say about this is that I agree about the "uuuuuuuuaaaahhhhhh". We argued for years with the Fearsome Threesome (and more) about this.... Sam and me were like DX to Mr. McMahon... always getting pitted in the handicapped match to tip the odds against us. Sometimes the Fearsome Threesome (F3 for short) would recruit others to really tip the scales.

Top Ten Songs:
I dare not challenge the Sock's rock-n-roll expertise. But SELWRECK should've remained buried as our dirty little secret. Droe was (unbeknownst to him) hilarious when he couldn't get the lines right, but even when he could, his delivery was classic. 'Nough said on that topic.

Time for work...PEACE!

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This is Fun and I'm Bored

The Corkscrew Plancha (also known as "The Flying Corkscrew Plancha") is popular in the Mexican Lucha Libre style of wrestling. When a Lucha Libre performs this stunning move, he incredibly launches himself over the top rope, twisting perfectly, timing his body to hit his opponent at the point of maximum impact, or as it is referred to in the Industry... a daring "spot" with a big "bump" to recieve a huge "pop".

I don't know what an INVERTED flying corkscrew plancha would be, but I'm sure it would be DEADLY!


Check out my profile... my question. (Actually, I'm just testing) but really check it out.


Finally, I'm a blogger with Cleveland Sports Torture. Thank you Pucky for inviting me. I think you only did it once before, although you sent me a mean email that you've sent it to me numerous times.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Saturday, May 6, 2006

Vox in the Box: The Goose

3 Days in May Wednesday Night: Mrs. Vox and I checked into the hospital during Game 5. We got out of the car right when Bron missed the jumper at the end of regulation. I watched overtime in the waiting room. After Arenas nailed two free throws and the Cavs were down a point, the nurse said our room was ready and I figured Mrs. Vox was in no mood to mess around. I got up and told the nurse, Mrs. Vox and the people around me, "I don't need to watch the last 3 seconds because I already know Bron will hit a shot at the buzzer." So we walk down the hall, check into the room....I turn on the TV and the Cavs are hugging. Unfortunately, I was not a witness that night. Thursday Night: Mrs. Vox gives birth, via c-section. I was a witness. Friday Night: The Goose and I watch her first SVAC game together in one of the recovery rooms. I'm not as confident this time, especially when I see Amon coming out for the final possession and we don't need the 3 -pointer. I understand Coach Brown wanted to spread the floor, but you're not spreading the floor if the shooter isn't a threat. But I was wrong; what do I know? Unbelievable move by Coach Brown, who was out-coached most of the series. When that ball bottomed out and the Bullets missed their final desperate shot , so many SVAC deamons were exorcised from my body. I fell to my knees in pure disbelief. We're still at Rainbow tonight, and my laptop is logged on as a "guest" to the CWRU med-school wireless network (so all of these words are unsecured, bra). We're scheduled to go home tomorrow, but I may have to watch the the rest of the payoffs here. These last three days were the most eventful, dramatic and happiest of my life. I got pooped on, did some classic re-evaluating and made all sorts of deals with the man upstairs. Now I need to live up to my end of the bargain. it's amazin... with the blink of an eye, you finally see the light it's amazin... when the moment arrives that you know you'll be alright's amaaaaayyyyyyzin-- And I'm sayin' a prayer for the desperate hearts tonight

Parting is inevitable, but I'll see you in the promised land.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

More softballs please

Wow, here is my first reaction to Mike Trivisonno's insanely soft interview with Art Modell Thursday on WTAM.

A paraphrase of some of Triv's questions for Modell--I'm typing as fast as I can as I listen to the radio, try to work, and punch myself repeatedly in the face. Check the tone of the questions, if they aren't as biased and sympathetic as any interview I've ever heard with anyone...) Reminds me of Fox News doing an interview with Dick Cheney or something. This is exactly like all the Butch Davis, Dick Jacobs, etc. etc. interviews. Pig Virus should fire Triv immediately.

(BTW I didn't pick and choose questions, I was trying to type as fast as I could.)

-When they built a new stadium for the Indians and Cavs, and told you they'd remodel yours, and then reneged, weren't you a little hurt and angry?
-If you hadn't moved to Baltimore would you have been able to survive financially or were you in too bad a shape?
-Did the politicians basically force you out of here?
-"here's the thing, I don't want to put this on you..." you're in financial trouble, you can escape by going to Baltimore, and Al won't buy the team because he can't afford it, then they bring a team back and give it to Lerner, and everyone's happy. (That wasn't even a question which is how 3/4 of Triv's questions are.) (Modell barely held back from slamming Lerner here.)
-Could the NFL have bailed you out financially, Art?
-If you hadn't taken over the financial responsibilities of the stadium and the city of cleveland and bailed them out, would it have put you in such financial trouble.
-So basically you bail out the city of cleveland and when it's their turn to bail you out, they won't return your phone calls. (another non-question.)
-When they took your parking lot to build the rock hall and science center, what did you say to that?
-How much does that bother you, that you won't ever get any credit here again?
-You've also helped out the Clinic, haven't you?
-You really screwed the fans of the city, they were stunned and it was like you tore their hearts out. Doesn't this seem the least bit immoral to move a city institution like that? (OK I made this one up.)
-The upkeep of the stadium, that blew all your money right there? (Such a non-question that Modell replied "you're asking?")
-You put $80 million dollars into the stadium?
-Didn't you go to the city and say 'wait a minute', can I get some help here?
-You're saying "this bankrupted you".
-Where was the report that Baltimore gave you $50 million? (asked this like he knew it was a lie, when Modell denied it, Triv chuckled. ha ha ha hilarious you fat f*ck.
-You take over the stadium, you foot the bill for the stadium, they won't return your phone calls, Art, it really seems like someone really wanted you out of here.
-Art, what doesn't make any sense, if the poliiticans had helped out the team and you would have stayed, they would have gotten reelected immediately, why would they do this?
-So basically it was like a poker game, they called your bluff and it wasn't a bluff.
-Are you telling me that a politician here (Modell said it was the state, not the city), told you to move the team?
-We're not long lost friends or anything like that, but I firmly believe that moving the team really hurt you. I'm not kissing your ass but I really believe that.
-People say that you took care of your players better than any other owner in baseball. (Modell seemed again to be waiting for a question here.)
-"not trying to deflect talking about the move here..." but people here say you were trying to get rid of Jim Brown
-Tony Grossi told Kevin Burne that it was his crusade to keep you out of the hall of fame?
-(Regarding the PD); That's what happens in a one paper town, they get too big for their britches.
-Let me recap this: you take over the stadium and bail the city out, gateway is built and you don't get bailed out, and you are forced to move to baltimore. (Even Modell declined to take this short easy way out...)
-If you could do one thing, is there something you would do to differently?
-How important is the Hall of Fame to you?

Sunday, January 1, 2006

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