Friday, January 20, 2006

More softballs please

Wow, here is my first reaction to Mike Trivisonno's insanely soft interview with Art Modell Thursday on WTAM.

A paraphrase of some of Triv's questions for Modell--I'm typing as fast as I can as I listen to the radio, try to work, and punch myself repeatedly in the face. Check the tone of the questions, if they aren't as biased and sympathetic as any interview I've ever heard with anyone...) Reminds me of Fox News doing an interview with Dick Cheney or something. This is exactly like all the Butch Davis, Dick Jacobs, etc. etc. interviews. Pig Virus should fire Triv immediately.

(BTW I didn't pick and choose questions, I was trying to type as fast as I could.)

-When they built a new stadium for the Indians and Cavs, and told you they'd remodel yours, and then reneged, weren't you a little hurt and angry?
-If you hadn't moved to Baltimore would you have been able to survive financially or were you in too bad a shape?
-Did the politicians basically force you out of here?
-"here's the thing, I don't want to put this on you..." you're in financial trouble, you can escape by going to Baltimore, and Al won't buy the team because he can't afford it, then they bring a team back and give it to Lerner, and everyone's happy. (That wasn't even a question which is how 3/4 of Triv's questions are.) (Modell barely held back from slamming Lerner here.)
-Could the NFL have bailed you out financially, Art?
-If you hadn't taken over the financial responsibilities of the stadium and the city of cleveland and bailed them out, would it have put you in such financial trouble.
-So basically you bail out the city of cleveland and when it's their turn to bail you out, they won't return your phone calls. (another non-question.)
-When they took your parking lot to build the rock hall and science center, what did you say to that?
-How much does that bother you, that you won't ever get any credit here again?
-You've also helped out the Clinic, haven't you?
-You really screwed the fans of the city, they were stunned and it was like you tore their hearts out. Doesn't this seem the least bit immoral to move a city institution like that? (OK I made this one up.)
-The upkeep of the stadium, that blew all your money right there? (Such a non-question that Modell replied "you're asking?")
-You put $80 million dollars into the stadium?
-Didn't you go to the city and say 'wait a minute', can I get some help here?
-You're saying "this bankrupted you".
-Where was the report that Baltimore gave you $50 million? (asked this like he knew it was a lie, when Modell denied it, Triv chuckled. ha ha ha hilarious you fat f*ck.
-You take over the stadium, you foot the bill for the stadium, they won't return your phone calls, Art, it really seems like someone really wanted you out of here.
-Art, what doesn't make any sense, if the poliiticans had helped out the team and you would have stayed, they would have gotten reelected immediately, why would they do this?
-So basically it was like a poker game, they called your bluff and it wasn't a bluff.
-Are you telling me that a politician here (Modell said it was the state, not the city), told you to move the team?
-We're not long lost friends or anything like that, but I firmly believe that moving the team really hurt you. I'm not kissing your ass but I really believe that.
-People say that you took care of your players better than any other owner in baseball. (Modell seemed again to be waiting for a question here.)
-"not trying to deflect talking about the move here..." but people here say you were trying to get rid of Jim Brown
-Tony Grossi told Kevin Burne that it was his crusade to keep you out of the hall of fame?
-(Regarding the PD); That's what happens in a one paper town, they get too big for their britches.
-Let me recap this: you take over the stadium and bail the city out, gateway is built and you don't get bailed out, and you are forced to move to baltimore. (Even Modell declined to take this short easy way out...)
-If you could do one thing, is there something you would do to differently?
-How important is the Hall of Fame to you?