Sunday, November 30, 2014

What CST thinks about Browns v Bills today

Browns 31, Buffalo Bills 17

The Browns, once again in November, playing for draft position. Only this time it's Buffalo's pick. Hopefully the emotion (??) that fueled the Bills beatdown of the Jets in Detroit last Monday don't carry them here. Memo to Coach Pettine: RUN THE DAMN BALL.

Browns 24 Buffalo Bills 21

Hoyer does it again. It's never pretty but he pulls out another win for the Browns. Time to start talking playoffs.

Browns 16, Buffalo Bills 10

Another week, another grind-it-out victory for the Browns. Cleveland keeps the ball on the ground and Hoyer returns to the competent game management that escaped him last week in Atlanta. CBS cuts to Manziel on the sidelines 3.5 times. Post-game Manziel's security goons knock out an "aggressive" 12-year-old kid asking for Johnny's autograph.

Browns 21, Buffalo Bills 17

I have nothing more to say about this game, besides the fact that I'm super excited for the upcoming broadcast of "Peter Pan Live," and that really has nothing to do with the game lol.

Browns 17, Buffalo Bills 16

Another late field goal ices it for the Browns.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

What CST thinks about Ohio State - Michigan today

Ohio State 52, Michigan 42

Because why would Michigan make it easy on us, and of course Ohio State will get shut out of the playoffs after laying that egg in September.

Ohio State 31, Michigan 13

Ohio State suffers from the weakness of the Big Ten in the polls. The point is driven home by today's marquee matchup, which is lopsided in the Buckeyes' favor.
Ohio State 42, Michigan 31

Ohio State needs an impressive win against their long-time foes to help grease the playoff wheels. Don't expect Michigan to roll over so easily, mediocre record or not.
Ohio State 41, Michigan 10

I know what almost happened last year, the Buckeyes do, too. This year is a blow out.

Ohio State 45, Michigan 26

There's so much more fun to be had when Michigan doesn't suck. Hoping Jim Harbaugh brings his brand of douche to Ann Arbor in a few months.

Ohio State 42, Michigan 24

I love Michigan week and I love this game. Still get nervous every time and BTN Journey featuring the 1996 team did not make me anymore relaxed for this coming game.

Ohio State 34, Michigan 18

Doesn't matter what Brady Hoke calls us. Michigan couldn't beat "Ohio"  right now. Buckeyes pull away late in a closer than expected game.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Haiku Tuesday

Everybody's mad;

Lebron, Love, Johnny Football.
But who's not? Browns fans!

Who cares about the fight in Manziel's lobby?

So Johnny Manziel was "out" in his own building at 2:30AM on Saturday morning, hours before the Browns were leaving for Atlanta.

So a brawl broke out, a "riot" with 20 people.

And you know there are plenty of Browns fans asking the simple question: what is wrong with this guy that he is constantly "getting in trouble"? But in all honesty, what trouble has he done? He is a huge celebrity, and is stalked on social media. He likes to have a good time, and doesn't mind the cameras. He rolls up dollar bills in nightclub bathrooms. (Ok, that one is a little alarming--but they do drug test in the NFL which makes me believe nothing was going on. Right? RIGHT??)

All that said, the facts of this are weird and makes me think that he might actually be fine here. His lawyer insists he was with one other person, his buddy. And also news reports say that it was basically a "riot" with 20 people involved. So the idea that some a-hole tried to start something with Manziel at worst, or just acted like a drunk Browns fan at best, touching off some kind of melee, seems totally plausible. Have you ever been downtown when the bars are closing (or the Browns game lets out?) Plenty of drunk-and-like-to-fight-guys hanging around everywhere. And some of them might want a bit of glory.

That said, who cares? I still want to see him get some reps once in a while. And still waiting to see what kind of deep ball he can throw.