Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Who cares about the fight in Manziel's lobby?

So Johnny Manziel was "out" in his own building at 2:30AM on Saturday morning, hours before the Browns were leaving for Atlanta.

So a brawl broke out, a "riot" with 20 people.

And you know there are plenty of Browns fans asking the simple question: what is wrong with this guy that he is constantly "getting in trouble"? But in all honesty, what trouble has he done? He is a huge celebrity, and is stalked on social media. He likes to have a good time, and doesn't mind the cameras. He rolls up dollar bills in nightclub bathrooms. (Ok, that one is a little alarming--but they do drug test in the NFL which makes me believe nothing was going on. Right? RIGHT??)

All that said, the facts of this are weird and makes me think that he might actually be fine here. His lawyer insists he was with one other person, his buddy. And also news reports say that it was basically a "riot" with 20 people involved. So the idea that some a-hole tried to start something with Manziel at worst, or just acted like a drunk Browns fan at best, touching off some kind of melee, seems totally plausible. Have you ever been downtown when the bars are closing (or the Browns game lets out?) Plenty of drunk-and-like-to-fight-guys hanging around everywhere. And some of them might want a bit of glory.

That said, who cares? I still want to see him get some reps once in a while. And still waiting to see what kind of deep ball he can throw.