Thursday, November 10, 2016

What CST Thinks about Browns-Ravens tonight

Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens 
November 10, 2016

Browns 279, Ravens 228 (not fully counted)

The Browns are running a joke of a campaign. Nobody thinks they can win. Their heads are bright orange. They insult the intelligence of their own fans with every action. It's an embarrassment to their supporters and humiliates the country. And gives the Ravens an 81% chance of winning.

Ravens 42, Browns 14

This game certainly doesn't help the NFL ratings problem. I feel bad for the people who are still drinking the kool-aid being made in Berea these days.

Ravens 26, Browns 10

A super-duper ding-dong week of wonderful good times gets even better with Thursday night Browns action! Watch our brave boys try very hard and inch ever closer to that elusive first win of the season. Have whiskey on hand. Lots of whiskey!
Browns 24, Ravens 23

Just two short years ago, Brian Hoyer led the Browns to a Thursday Night victory and a 7-4 record. Since that night, the Browns are 3-27. Looking for Kessler to bring back some Thursday Night magic and in my dreams we go on a 27-3 run over the next 2 years.

Ravens who cares, Browns who cares

Worst November ever continues.

Ravens 8, Browns 7

Browns actually stage a late comeback but lose it after a brief rain delay.

Ravens 34, Browns 10

Thanks Obama!

Browns 29, Ravens 0

The Browns sink the haters hope at a winless season.