Sunday, November 27, 2016

What CST Thinks about Browns-Giants today

New York Giants at Cleveland Browns
November 27, 2016

Giants 27, Browns 13

This is the one game Sports Illustrated picked the Browns to win. I'm gonna guess they were wrong. As you can see from the number of predictions here and the blue jerseys in the stands, interest in the Browns is at a lowwwww point.

Giants 34, Browns 6

It's a sunny, warm day for November here in Cleveland. Go enjoy the weather - this disaster doesn't deserve our attention.

Giants 27, Browns 10

The Browns are no longer even competitive these days, a sad fact made  more depressing by the lack of standout rookies on this roster. What do fans have to look forward to when this franchise seems so broken? Jimmy Haslam doesn't make me miss the Lerners, but future prospects under the current owner's regime look very bleak indeed.