Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tower City redface murals (updated)

Update on the murals.

By 12/7/16 the redface Indian fan photos have been removed from Tower City.

Whether it was this blog's small voice, or someone else in a more influential position that forced the change, we'll probably never know. Hopefully in the future they will replace them with more decent memorable fan photos, like this one.

Selby is God sign Opening Day 2016
See my original post below from 11/22/2016

While taking walking through Tower City at lunch time today, I noticed they have recently adorned the empty storefronts with new photo murals highlighting some of the history and sites of Cleveland. Very large prints of the West Side Market, Old Arcade circa 1905 and 1966, The Q during the playoffs, aerial shots of downtown etc. are displayed for everyone who walks by. I actually found myself stopping to look more closely at the details to see what’s changed, and what's still the same over the years. For what amounts to an easy change it’s really impressive, and great idea vs the plain painted black windows.

I continued on my walk then I came across this gem of Progressive Field on Opening Day 2012, flanked with of life size photos of Indians fans….in redface.

No matter where you fall on the debate of Chief Wahoo (for the record I’m all for keeping him with an appropriate redesign) it’s a little surprising and shocking that Tower City would okay the use of these pictures, when there are thousands of non-controversial Indians fan pictures to choose from. Given all the bad publicity surrounding Chief Wahoo, and fans dressed as indians during the Playoffs and World Series it was shocking to say the least when I came across the window*. 

*The redface window coincidentally replaced the seasonal calendar/toy store I frequented this time of year to grab last minute/hard to find items which were sold out in similar stores in the suburbs. So not only was I shocked at the photo, but also shocked that my favorite last minute Christmas shopping/oh shit I need a gift store closed.