Sunday, September 15, 2013

What we think will happen for the Browns vs. Ravens today

altCleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens (Week 2)

September 15, 2013

Browns 17
Ravens 10

Trying not to let the disillusionment that Brandon Weeden and the Browns started in me last week carry over. Hoping the offense can find its way a little bit to help out the defense, who should pressure Flacco quite a bit.


Ravens 27
Browns 10

I can't think of a worse situation for the Browns to be playing in today. Super Bowl champs that were humiliated in game 1 against Denver return for their home opener against a team coming off a bad loss to a middle of the road team. It's gonna be a long day for Brandon Weeden, especially if Cousins hasn't learned how to block in the past week.


Ravens 16
Browns 10

The Browns have lost 10 in a row to the Ravens, and will make it 11 the same day Baltimore raises its second Super Bowl banner. Cleveland usually plays close games against their ex-selves, but until this franchise gets a QB under center, wins against division foes will be hard to come by.

Ravens 16
Browns 9

Let me know what happens in the second half. Indians on at 2pm.

Ravens 28
Browns 14

It's amazing - the players, the coaches, the regimes can all change again and again, yet the team looks exactly the same every Sunday. How's that possible?


Ravens 23
Browns 17

Browns can't be as bad as they looked last week, but they aren't better than the Ravens. Manning threw for seven TDs against Baltimore; I'd settle for just four from Weeden. 


Ravens 28
Browns 13

These predictions are way too easy.