Sunday, December 13, 2015

What CST thinks about Browns-49ers today

Cleveland Browns vs. San Francisco 49ers
December 13, 2015

Browns 23, 49ers 21

Because it's 60 freaking degrees out, Johnny Football will perform well and really, what good is the #1 pick to this team anyway?

49ers 24, Browns 6

The free-fall continues. The only thing the Browns have going for them is there is only one more game at home this season.
49ers 20, Browns 10

This is the last game of the year the Browns have a chance to win. However, I can't imagine a still unproven Manziel having that much of an impact on this injury-riddled, talent-deprived team. To the fans who made the trek to the stadium for this dog, please play "We're Not Gonna Take It" on your cell phones throughout the contest. Send a message to management that you've had enough!!
Browns 23,  49ers 17

It's going to be 70 degrees in Cleveland today, so global warming is on our side. It's sad that I'm the only CST reporter who would even consider watching this in person.

Browns 9, 49ers 8 

Give me liberty or give me Trump!

49ers 24, Browns 10

A beautiful day for some shit football.

49ers 24, Browns 14

To quote Bobby Rayburn from the movie The Fan: "I just stopped caring, man."