Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Closing it out

Well what can be said about Game 2. The Cavaliers played so flawlessly the first three quarters that the Pistons appeared as if they had given up, rented a vacation cottage, and would be (barely) playing out the string over the weekend in Detroit.

The Cavs, as projected, weren't fazed at all by the Detroit defensive strategy. LeBron's line was incredible--29 points on only 14 field goal attempts. When that is happening, you know the Cavs are rolling. Delonte, Z, Mo all picked it up.

The unbelieveable fourth quarter run, however, when the Pistons cut a 29 point lead to 7, will undoubtedly lead to more chatter from the uninformed about the "lack of Cavs depth". But the truth is that the Cavaliers are not only a much stronger team than Detroit, but that they have a much stronger "team"--in that they want to win, and will bust their asses to do it. The only evidence of that with the Pistons last night was from the bench players, and that's not going to get it done.