Monday, April 13, 2009

Sit 'em down, Coach Brown

The Cavaliers clinched homecourt throughout the playoffs tonight, rendering Wednesday's regular season finale against the Sixers meaningless. Or is it? A win against Philadelphia would give the Cavs an unbelievable 40-1 record at home, an accomplishment matched only once in NBA history. It's also Fan Appreciation Night: the guy who spent two grand on courtside seats to impress a client would not appreciate seeing LeBron wearing his stylish sweater vest (with crest)/sunglasses combination on the sidelines while Jawad Williams and Tarence Kinsey played 30 minutes a piece.

This humble blogger would be fine with Jawad and Tarance getting major PT. Hell, start Darnell Jackson and Lorenzen Wright in the frontcourt. Pull McLeod from the booth and let him suit up, too. I just don't want this team getting caught up in meanigless record-chasing when there's a risk, however slight, that a starter could twist an ankle, sprain a knee, get hit by a falling baby grand piano, etc. There's just no reason to take the chance when we're so...damn...close to something truly special. All of the individual accolades - MVP, Coach of the Year - mean nothing to me as a fan. A team accomplishment such as tying Boston for the best home record in league history is similarly hollow if you don't win the ring. 40-1 is nice bauble, true, but the real treasure for the Cavs and the city of Cleveland will be sought in June. That's why I say, Sit 'em down, Coach Brown!