Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's not football season, so it's a good Sports Sunday

Sunday rundown--I'm stuck in Chicago, and balancing the sporting events by watching the Indians on (which is great by the way), and the Cavaliers (and Masters) DVR-delayed. Whew, my brain hurts!

I'm not sure what we just watched with the Cavaliers today. A 31 point victory that wasn't in question after about four minutes into the game. Firing on all cylinders but I guess defense is the lead story today. Grabbing rebounds, tipping balls, all-out hustle just blew the Celtics out of the building.

The fourth quarter had Mike Breen and crew discussing that all-of-a-sudden, none of them thinks LeBron is going to leave in 2010. Quite a turnaround from all the buzz at the beginning of the season. But you have to think, watching the amazing chemistry that the Cavaliers have, that he must absolutely love playing for this team. It's been said repeatedly that this team is closer than any team people can remember. Even Anderson got a tattoo to celebrate his standing on the team! (Thanks to Shaver Sports.) Adding to that the fact that Lebron is close to home, a home that he loves, and I gotta pray that they're right about him staying.

Earlier they were debating which Cavaliers team is better, this year's 65+ win team, or the 56 win team of Price-Daugherty-Nance-Williams-Harper-Sanders-Ehlo. I guess it needs a look through the stats sheets, but as I've said before, this team is far from a one man team. It's just that one man on this team is other-worldly. Z is a Cavs Legend and one of the better centers in the league. He may not dominate the game--but he doesn't have to, and he knows it, and he does exactly what is needed. The backcourt of West and Williams is outstanding. And the Smith-Varajao-Wallace combination at F/C just play hard and do the little things. The bench is always there. It's hard for me to say that any Cavaliers team has been this good--or well rounded. Then again, this is just top of head.

And...the Indians won as well! We'll take it. And three home runs for Pronk through the first week? Could he be...back??