Monday, September 16, 2019

What CST thinks about Browns-Jets Week 2

Cleveland Browns at New York Jets
September 16, 2019

Browns 31, Jets 21

Thinking that gut punch the Browns took in Week One was a combination of a few things--mostly, however, just massive penalty mistakes that can be cleaned up. Browns talent proves too much although Trevor Siemian  looks pretty good out there under fire from the Browns front 4.

Browns 17, Jets 16

Browns win by a slight margin. Sloppy and questionable play-calling are still an issue after week one. With the Rams looming as a big matchup, the Browns almost get burned for overlooking the J-E-T-S.

Browns 17, Jets 12

What the hell happened last week? The Browns got punched in the mouth and folded like a cheap card table, that's what. This team obviously has talent, but how that talent translates on the field from week to week will continue to be the question. I expect the penalties to be cleaned up, at the least, and a close victory over a Jets' team missing three key starters.
Browns 27, Jets 13

It better be.

Jets 23, Browns 20

Jets get revenge for Gregg Williams and last season's embarrassing loss to Hue Jackson

Browns 38, Jets 10

Looking for a stat stuffer game with the feel of a college blowout this Monday Night...

Browns 20, Jets 16

Browns win with a deflected pass off OBJ's watch to Jarvis Landry.

Browns 99, Jets 2

Mercy safety.