Sunday, September 22, 2019

What CST thinks about Browns-Rams Week 3

Los Angeles Rams at Cleveland Browns
September 22, 2019

Rams 31, Browns 18

We want it, but these injuries have decimated the chances for a big win on the big stage.

Rams 34, Browns 18

Browns' offense scores a few late, but the second marquee game this year is a dud. Browns thought they had the wakeup call week 1. Today's game is the one they weren't expecting.

Rams 26, Browns 14

The Browns start a tough stretch of games with a loss on Sunday night
at home. There's just too many questions surrounding the offense
despite its explosive potential. Key injuries only further stack the
deck against the good guys.

Browns 30, Rams 27

Browns and Baker regain some swagger with a win on Sunday Night.

Browns 34 Rams 33 

Get the Patron, tell 'em dat it's on.

Rams 31, Browns 23

Limping Browns D can't hang with the Rams.

No Pick

Browns start off with a lot of offensive penalties on their first drive, but the Scottish Hammer gets a great bounce on his first punt.

Browns 50, Rams 0

I'm actually not drunk.