Sunday, September 18, 2011

What we think will happen vs. the Colts (Week 2)

Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts

Week 2: September 18, 2011


Browns 31
Colts 10
Hopefully Pat Shurmur lit a fire under the Browns asses, and not one that makes them jump offside for the entire first quarter. I can't see the team playing as poor as they did, and the Colts game is a must-win in my book with Peyton Manning nowhere in sight.

Browns 17
Colts 10
Pat Shurmur, Colt, O-Line, everyone on the Browns have much to prove this week against a banged up Colts team. The final score is close, but the Browns maintain control of the game with a steady diet of Hillis and Hardesty. At 0-2, the Andrew Luck sweepstakes begin, I'm hopeful that it won't be the Browns.

Browns 21
Colts 16
The one thing the Browns have been good at since '99 is making prognosticators look dumb. You never know what you'll get with this team, and that instability is the reason the franchise is in Dire Straits. They're still So Far Away (get it?) from being viable in the AFC North, but they CANNOT go 0-2 against the Peyton-less Colts. The other Peyton needs to run roughshod, Madden-style, while the patchwork o-line has to find a way to give Colt McCoy more than 3 seconds to get rid of the ball. And please, don't let Kerry Collins beat you.

Browns 20
Colts 16
My heart says Browns. My gut says Colts. Like an old fighter (or idiot) not willing to stay down, I'm going with my heart, which as evident from this blog, typically does not turn out well.

Colts 16
Browns 9
Certainly, the Colts without Manning is much like the Stones without Jagger. But, by that analogy, the Browns lost to Winger last week.

Browns 24
Colts 17
All I can say is they better win this or we could be in for a long, long year. I'm looking for a solid performance out of Peyton Hillis, Indi's run defense has been about as bad as the Browns over the last few years.

Browns 21
Colts 20
It actually turns out to been a fun game to watch. But 5 minutes after the game it sinks in...we got a long way to go...