Saturday, September 17, 2011

What we think will happen today against the Hurricanes...

Ohio State Buckeyes at Miami Hurricanes

September 17, 2011


Buckeyes 27
Hurricanes 13
The mockery is coast to coast for "Probation Bowl" or "Convict Bowl" or whatever stupid t-shirts ignorant media types' bad reporting inspires. Hopefully the true Bauserman comes out to play, because Ohio State should well overmatch this Hurricane team. Only question is, who will TGiM be supporting? Probably whomever wins (after the fact.)

Hurricanes 24
Buckeyes 21
Not sure what to make of this game. Will this be the Buckeye team that walked over Akron, or barely hung on against Toledo. I'm thinking the latter. The Buckeyes will struggle as they hit the road for the first time in 2011.

Buckeyes 16 Hurricanes 13
Miami will stack the box and challenge Bauserman, so the old man better be ready to take things vertical. Jacory Harris's first game back for The U may mean some rust for an already interception-prone QB. Quarterback question marks, combined with the off-field idiocy that hit both teams, makes for a match-up that's hard to predict. But if Bauserman can fine tune his accuracy, hopefully supplanted by a dose of Braxton Miller, then OSU could sneak out of FLA with a win. Hey, I'm an optimistic guy.

Buckeyes 32
Hurricanes 28
While I do enjoy the creativity of the name "Ineligi-Bowl", it's lost a little of it's luster now that half the players have been reinstated. I have no idea what to make of either team, so I'll go homer and pick the Bucks, but being on the road scares the hell out of me.

Buckeyes 26
Hurricanes 24
The only thing I know for certain about this game is that Elton Alexander will pick Miami by at least two touchdowns.

Buckeyes 28
Hurricanes 13
I am not sure what to make of this Buckeyes team yet but Miami blows. The Bucks picked off Jacory Harris 4 times last year and I think we'll get at least 2 this year. Last week was a little scary against a solid Toledo team, I don't think Miami has the talent to put a scare into the Buckeyes.

Buckeyes 31
Hurricanes 24
Braxton gets into the game for a late comeback to force overtime and a familiar outcome & score.