Saturday, September 10, 2011

What we think will happen in the NFL 2011

Browns and the NFL
2011 Season Predictions


Browns: 7-9

Super Bowl: Packers over Patriots
Not unlike the Indians, the Browns tease their fans--and jump out to a 7-4 record against an easy schedule. Unfortunately, the final five games include two each against the Ravens and Steelers. And like last year, the team ends on a sour note. But the future, finally, looks bright, as Colt McCoy uses the West Coast Offense to his advantage all year long. This could be higher if the Browns start out even better.

Browns: 8-8

Super Bowl:
Chargers over Saints
The Browns show a lot of growth, but with that growth comes growing pains. With one of the youngest rosters in the NFL, they pull out some games they have no business winning, and lose some they should of won. Playoffs are probably unrealistic, however the experience from this season should prove to be beneficial assuming the roster isn't gutted by injuries. Success might not be in the form of wins and losses, but the Browns have a plan and are heading in the right direction which hasn't been the case since 1999.


Super Bowl:
Jets over Saints
New coach, new systems on both sides of the ball, untested QB, a paper thin depth chart, and a hellacious last month of the schedule bodes ill for that ever-elusive .500 record that this team needs as a benchmark for true progress. Still, Colt does well in the WCO, Phil Taylor turns into a beast in the middle, and Browns fans thank their gods that the front office is no longer run by ass-hatted incompetents.

Browns: 6-10

Super Bowl:
Saints over Ravens
Browns and Colt surprise critics but have trouble "closing out" games as an incomplete team with several holes. It pained me to type Ravens, but they are now balanced with an offense that has Flaco, Rice, Boldin, and Evans.

Browns: 8-7-1

Super Bowl:
Falcons over Patriots
Schedule don't lie.

Browns: 10-6

Super Bowl:
Packers over Jets
I've looked over the Browns schedule and I don't see how they can't have at least a .500 record. They should be favorites in the first 6 home games. I am drinking the Colt McCoy kool-aid, I am convinced this guy has "it". Call me crazy but I don't think 12-4 is out of the question and I think anything worse than 8-8 would be a complete failure. There are certainly a lot of questions marks but there is finally some talent on this team and the future looks bright.

Browns: 5-11

Super Bowl:
Packers over Patriots
Just not enough talent on the receiving end, and the D isn't deep enough to keep them in enough games later in the season.