Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Muni Lot exposed

Well as this blog is (normally) a family-friendly space of trying to see the silver lining of the darkest sports cloud, I won't link to the Deadspin report showing a couple revealing videos where the place that "society devolves to its lowest point every week"--the Muni Lot--is shown at some of it's darkest. Or brightest, depending your position. Let's just say the content out there is definitely NSFW. You can Google it if you'd like. Right after you Google Rick Santorum.

I'll just revisit my opinion of the Muni Lot. A ton of great people who want to have a few beers and get ready for a game. A smattering of total idiots in there who make it uncomfortable for some people, and a few total morons who feel it's socially acceptable to assault visiting teams' fans. And there's nowhere near enough bathrooms for everyone.

Oh and by the way, this current press is just the kind of stuff that gets City Hall's errr...panties in a bunch. And leads to a temporary crackdown, like after bottlegate a few years ago.