Friday, September 9, 2011

Lets hope the Browns are as good looking on the field as off it

How beautiful the Browns look ON the field is still to be determined. Of course, it will be hard for the new-look Browns to live up to the gorgeous (on offense at least) game last night between the Packers and the Saints.

However, the apple of our eye--our own Cleveland Browns--are near the top of at least one group of standings already.  Reed Albergotti and the Wall Street Journal have put together an analysis of the "best looking" teams in the NFL. They didn't just ask a bunch of 25 year old (mostly) female fans what they thought--this was a scientific survey.

The Journal took a look at the symmetry of faces to determine best-looking players and team staff. This is generally a good way (or at least a "way") to scientifically figure out who is considered attractive or not. Which is why you'll often hear of James Franco having the perfect face. The article itself is funny, and Albergotti was quite entertaining on the Wall Street Journal This Morning podcast, where I first heard about this.

The study took 10 prominent starters from each team, as well as two other team members (owners or coaches), and analyzed them all.  Turns out the best looking team in the NFL is....wait for it...the Buffalo Bills!  Led by their super attractive (apparently) head coach, Chan Gailey.  But the Browns follow closely, in third place behind the Broncos and Bills. (Ugliest teams, FYI, are the Chiefs, Eagles, Vikings, Panthers, and Bears. But all NFL teams index significantly higher than us mere mortals when it comes to looks, apparently.)

How about that? We knew this group of guys was fun-loving, very much social media adept, and video game cover-model worthy--but this handsome to boot?? I guess we can expect to see "TJ's Ladies", "Scott's Sweethearts", or "Dreamboat Dawson" t-shirts any day now in the Browns team shop!

The faces analyzed for the Browns included: Colt McCoy, Josh Cribbs, Alex Mack, Benjamin Watson, Peyton Hilis, Scott Fujita, Joe Haden, TJ Ward, Phil Dawson, Phil Taylor, head coach Pat Shurmer, and owner Randy Lerner.  And as you can see below, what a group of fine looking gentlemen.

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