Monday, January 10, 2011

Cavs change hotels, avoid being kept awake by Miami Heat self-congratulations

Well this is pretty sad, and I suppose can be painted in an embarassing light.  The Cavs and Heat will both be in LA this week for a bit, and they were scheduled to both stay in the same Beverly Hills hotel.  Well, when Moondog or Sir C.C. or whomever on the Cavaliers books their travel found this out, they quickly moved to change hotels. The Cavs will now be staying down the street.

Knock-Knock! Room Service!
After all, since the Cavs and Heat played, let's just say things have gone a little bit better for the Heat than the Cavs, as the Cavs are much worse than I thought they were going to be.  And unfortunately, the Heat figured out how to turn it on.  I'm sure given the humility of LeBron James and his master and their lapdog, some childish mocking pranks would be in order.  Like doorbell ditching JJ Hickson.  Or ordering 12 lobsters and bottles of Cristal to the room of Mo Williams.

And given the rage that I hope is building up in the Cavaliers players' hearts and souls, that could have led to very bad repercussions.  So let's just be happy the Cavs moved.  The circus might be in Miami this week, but a real circus could have taken place in LA if Mo Williams had come back to his room to find all his furniture moved to the hallway.