Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cavs Clueless. LeBron Classless.

Wow. That's all I can say right now. Wow. 

Okay, no it isn't.

The Cavs reached an all time low last night losing by 55 to the L.A. Lakers. Granted, the Cavs are currently giving extended minutes to guys that probably belong in the D League at best, but there is no excuse for these repeated lackluster performances. On top of it, newly crowned a-hole of the world is rubbing salt in the wound, tweeting about his former organization, laughing in their faces. How does that saying go -  "Those in glass houses..."?

Now I'm not one to play the "I'm embarrassed to be a Cleveland fan" card. But today I am. At least a Cavaliers fan. Sorry, but it's true... it's damn true.

Maybe instead of making their "biggest priority" (as Senior V.P. of Marketing Tracy Marek stated) bringing in homeless-man-turned internet-sensation Ted Williams to fill a position that, to my knowledge, isn't really needed, they should worry about how the hell they're going to sell tickets next year. The carry over season ticket holders, who re-upped before The Decision will vanish faster than the Cavalier defense.

Sack up Cavs. I'm all for getting that #1 pick... but not at this embarrassing rate.