Monday, January 10, 2011

Uniwatch remodels fake Nike Uniforms, Browns still sweet.

As you may have seen, some time ago a series of images were release which purported to represent the uniforms that Nike will force players to wear implement in the NFL next year.  Fortunately, they were fake.  As if the Steelers would ever wear this one.

UniwatchBlog today has rejiggered some of the uniforms, again not official from Nike, and released the first half of the AFC today.  Much better designs, (especially the Buffalo Bills), and wanted to share the Browns.  Obviously not much tweaking, since as the author says, "The Browns have pretty much one of the most classic unis in the game, so pro combat, with the ability to put proper striping on the comp sleeves, makes it even better. ‘Nuff said."

Pictures after the jump.