Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Michigan fires Rodriguez, hopefully gives "rivalry" new life

Michigan today fired embattled head coach Rich Rodgriguez, whose three years at Michigan were only distinguished by a series of embarrassments, ending with a 52-14 humiliation at the hands of Mississippi State on New Year's Day.

I cannot imagine anyone is saddened at this turn of events.  

Maybe--just maybe--"coach" Rodriguez feels bad, but he has 2.5 million ways to make him feel better.  Michigan fans have to be relieved that the last three years are over.  I mean, Michigan--the University of Michigan!!--has gone 1-11 versus ranked teams over the last three years.  Not to mention lopsided losses to Ohio State, NCAA violations, and of course, everybody realizing that your coach is a dick.   

The Big Ten wants Michigan to be good.  They need Michigan to be good.  Obviously, since they structured their whole ridiculously named new division structure around Ohio State and Michigan.  

And of course, most* Ohio State fans want the greatest rivalry in sports to be that--a rivalry.  Right now about as hard to get excited for the third fourth Saturday in November as it is for the Steelers to get up for the Browns.

I'm one of those fans who would love OSU-Michigan to be #1 vs #2 every day.  Not everyone is like that--some want Michigan to never sniff victory--but I doubt anyone wants their arch rivals giving up 65 points to Illinois.

*The debate whether you want your rival to go winless, or have their hearts broken by you, is a debate without end.  What do you think?