Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yes, basketball happiness does exist in Ohio

The O stands for Ohio for Jared Sullinger
I think Ohio State sent new Michigan football head coach Brady Hoke a message last night.  Your fans might cheer for you, but we still own your ass.

The OSU basketball team proceeded to beat a tough Michigan team in Ann Arbor last night, holding on to beat the Wolverines 68-64 Wednesday night.  Hoke and Wolverines QB Denard Robinson were in attendence, and saw Michigan fight back, but fall short.

Along with #1 Duke's loss to Florida State Wednesday night, a team the Buckeyes have already beaten by 14 points, Ohio State is primed to take over #1 in the next poll.  This is, of course, if they are able to win versus Penn State on Saturday.

Given the "karma" that the Cavaliers have brought upon themselves by making their roster fit LeBron, and the fact that they might now be emerging as one of the worst teams to ever take the court, at least we have the Buckeyes to keep us busy for a couple months.  And maybe we can just hope that ping poing balls bounce a certain way, and maybe we'll a certain native Ohio son come to play in the wine-and-gold.  With better results this time.