Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Purdue prof forgets history, opines on Midwest "sports malaise" and heartbreak

Chicago fans, not entirely unlike insufferable Boston and New York fans, have a real knack for self-pity.  If it wasn't 80-something years since the Red Sox won the pennant, it is the decades since the Knicks have won a championship.

But come on, give it a rest.  I mean, a child born last time the Bears were in the Super Bowl would be nearly four years old today!  Oh the horror and neverending pain!  A child born last time the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup is still trying to sit up on his own.  The same Cubs fans who wail and moan were out partying last June, and of course several times in the nineties.

Well, the Chicago Tribune today documented what they called "sports fan big loss malaise," and how Bears fans are handling it in the wake of the NFC Championship loss to the Packers.. In a ridiculous quote from "distinguished" Purdue professor Randy Robert, who specializes in "sports and pop culture," he says the "most disappointing Midwestern sports event ever" was LeBron James taking his talents to South Beach.

"They lost their franchise," Roberts said.
They lost their franchise.  Now, I don't know Professor Roberts, and I'm sure's he's a nice guy and a great professor.  But looking at his photo, it doesn't appear he's 24 years old.  The moments of torture are too numerous to list in Cleveland Sports, but to use the phrase "lost their franchise," that only brings one event to mind.  And it was much worse than LeBron leaving.  For a professor of history, he sure lacks historical context.

Well Purdue has a pretty good basketball team--and I know it's January, not March, but I suppose the Buckeyes can show them some disappointment tonight.