Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Patriots-Jets trash talking gets out of hand. Errr, foot.

Well, it might not be directly related to the Browns, but with this weekend subjecting Browns fans to the prospect of the Ravens and Steelers in a playoff fight while the Browns reassemble a coaching staff, a few laughs are in order.

Courtesy Deadspin
With all the uninformed skeptics complaining about Pat Shurmur's hiring as the Browns' head coach, at least he doesn't have a foot fetish.  That we know of.

Unlike, shall we say, the rotund twin brother of our very own defensive coordinator this past season--Jets coach Rex Ryan.  Ryan, made famous through HBO's 24/7 series last summer, is now infamous (which I believe means more-than-famous) for the foot-fetish videos that surfaced during the season.  Fortunately for everyone involved, the lady in the videos appears to be his wife. And the voice behind the camera appears to be Rex's.  So in the grand scheme of things, it's just fine.  More than fine.  It's awesome.

With all the trash talking going on this weekend between the Jets and the Patriots, what Wes Welker did on Thursday was pretty epic.  Earlier this week, Coach Ryan said the game was personal between him and Bill Belichick.  Then Jets DB Antonio Cromartie used a not-so-nice body part description to explain his feelings on Tom Brady.

But Wes Welker came out for a routine press conference and proceeded to allude to feet eleven times in a 9 minute interview, including references to "foot soldiers," "sticking your best foot forward," and "sticking your toe in the water."  Jets LB Bart Scott then basically threatened Welker's career, and the NFL Saturday warned teams that the trash talk etc. better not carry over to dirty play on the field.

Even though the Browns season is over, at least there's some entertainment to be had.  For the record, I don't care who wins the Patriots-Jets game, I just hope whichever team does, kicks (whoops) the Steelers-Ravens winners' ass.

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