Sunday, December 19, 2010

What we think will happen today....

Week 15, Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals

BrianBrowns 27
Bengals 13
Colt again performs mistake-free (or close to it), something Carson Palmer certainly can never say.
TomBrowns 17
Bengals 13
McCoy comes back and doesn't miss a beat, but it doesn't solidify the thin ice Mangini is on.
DougBrowns 17
Bengals 13
McCoy back under center, Bengals' general lousiness means a 'W' for the good guys.
KevinBrowns 23
Bengals 20
The Browns have yet to learn how to win consistently and seize crucial opportunities. They are the Evan Bourne of the NFL. Still, they cannot lose to the lowly Bengals can they? Coach Mangini's job may depend on it.
RyanBrowns 27
Bengals 13
Marvin Lewis' days in Cincinnati are numbered; hopefully, Eric Mangini's in Cleveland are not.
SamVoxBengals 27
Browns 20
Holmgren doesn't mind the result, as it gives him a higher draft pick plus more ammunition to fire Mangini.