Monday, December 20, 2010

Keep Mangini!!

Why does everyone hate Eric Mangini? Did I miss something; were we supposed to be contending for the Super Bowl this year? Am I the only one who realizes we need major upgrades at several positions in order to consistently win?

Two years ago, Eric Mangini took over a horrendous team. Last year wasn’t pretty but with four wins to end the year, you could see there was some hope and that maybe the players were starting to buy into the coach's philosophy. When Mike Holmgren was brought in, everyone thought Mangini was done, but he obviously impressed the heck out of Holmgren and saved his job.

This year began with a bad loss to Tampa Bay, which you certainly can’t put on Mangini. Jake Delhomme single-handedly threw that game away at the end of the first half and Peyton Hillis’ fumble in the second half helped to ice the Browns fate. After that game, Delhomme got hurt and we began the QB high-ankle-sprain shuffle.

Yes, the last two weeks were painful games to watch, and they are victories this team needs to have to get out of the basement, but I still see hope. I didn’t think we were a better team then the Saints or Patriots when we beat them but you have to believe we have a brighter future than the Bills and Bengals even though we lost to them.

This team has some glaring holes. The WRs are a joke. Did everyone see Robiskie taunting the crowd after his touchdown catch yesterday? Are you kidding me? Not only were we still losing but it is the first play he has made in two years! Until we upgrade the wide out position the Browns will not be able to move the ball consistently. As the past two weeks showed we also need upgrades on the D-line and with the linebackers. Cincinnati ran all over us and at the end of the last two games the defense was unable to stop the opponents to get the ball back. The Browns knew the teams were running the ball and still couldn’t stop them. Sorry I am not putting that on the Coach, that’s on the players.

Please, please, please stop the second guessing. CST writers Doug and Kevin both pointed out plays that should have been run differently. Kevin pointed out the opening drive in Buffalo were Hillis ran all over the Bills to set up a 1st and goal. Kevin mentioned it would have been a “PERFECT” time for play action. On the flip side, if that was done and didn’t work or an interception was thrown it would have been the same fans SCREAMING “Why the hell did you pass the ball, Hillis couldn’t be stopped.”

When I look back on this season I think of some missed opportunities but even more than that I see PROGRESS! I see a team we can be excited about next year. Tom Heckert and Holmgren had an excellent draft. If we could add a couple impact free agents and put together another solid draft we could make some noise next year.

I’ve had enough of the coaching carousel. Apparently I was the only one not expecting a Super Bowl run this year. Again, I see PROGRESS and a foundation that can be built upon!! So please Mr. Holmgren surprise everyone again and KEEP MANGINI.