Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Brad Daugherty has a bee in his bonnet

Brad Daugherty
Vince Grzegorek pulls up a couple interesting Brad Daugherty comments from a Dime interview about "the LeBron situation."

Or maybe what I would have called "Cleveland gets intentionally embarrassed and humiliated by its beloved hometown hero, who threw away his vow to finally return a championship to Cleveland and become an eternal hero in Northeast Ohio in order to just go to 'South Beach' with his friends."

Seems Brad would not agree with me.

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Dime: You’re as closely associated with the Cleveland Cavaliers as any player. What’s your view of the LeBron James situation? 
BD: You know, you have to look at both sides of the alley. The only thing I had an issue with was “The Decision” show. I didn’t appreciate that, and I think as LeBron gets older he’ll look back and realize maybe he could have done that differently. Other than that my view of the whole situation is, he worked hard, he became a free agent, he left: Get over it. Why does he owe Cleveland anything? That’s one thing about pro sports that pisses me off is this whole idea of loyalty, how a player is supposed to be loyal. But you take another guy on the team — say he’s from Cleveland but he’s the 12th guy on the team — is there a big uproar when they cut him? If a guy is averaging one point a game, is there an uproar?