Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mangini "consults" with Holmgren, McCoy now starting

NEW ORLEANS - OCTOBER 24:  Colt McCoy #12 of t...Image by Getty Images
On Thursday, a decision was made.

By whom, we don't know.  But, barring injury (which, given the Browns quarterback situation this year, is far from sure), the Jake Delhomme era in Cleveland is over.  Colt McCoy will start the remainder of the season for the Browns.  It will be quite unusual for him to face a team like the Bengals this week, until getting back into his routine of facing juggernauts, in this case, the much-beloved Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers.

As well observed around the Browns fandom, the decision to pull Delhomme could have been made long ago.  It's even speculated now that Seneca Wallace may be named as the second quarterback, which would allow for some non-Cribbs-Wildcat formations.

So here we go. Three games to once again see what the Browns have at the QB position.