Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"Stop whining about LeBron." Well, I think we have.

In his blog about "Politics, Sports, Media, Stuff", Tom Scocca says to Clevelanders what a lot of people are probably thinking.

Stop whining about LeBron James.

He does mention that he (like all of America except about 100 NBA Players and Miami Heat "fans") that he enjoyed the LeBron bashing, the remix of the commercials, the Scott Raab eviscerating of LeBron, the universal panning of "The Decision", and not to mention the early-season (and apparently past) struggles of the Miami Heat.

But he says enough is enough.  I guess maybe it's because of this documentary that got funded, called "Losing LeBron", to chronicle the sad state of affairs in Northeast Ohio post-LeBron.  The way it's described is:

LOSING LEBRON will go deep into the homes and workplaces of Cleveland residents to find out how they have been affected by this move, why basketball is so important to them, and watch as they adjust to a season without LeBron. Think Hoop Dreams meets Roger & Me. Fans and foes alike will document themselves through user-generated content as we experience this unique chapter in sports history. We will provide selected participants with HD Flip Cams so they can interview themselves, their family, and their friends, and become a part of the film's production.
Okay, I agree...this is silly.  Truly, enough is enough.

Now, chanting, booing, throwing things (like insults and dirty looks) at LeBron and the Heat when they are playing the Cavaliers or eating dinner at a Miami restaurant is totally in bounds, and truthfully, should go on for ever and ever.  Or at least until LeBron James IV is asking his great-grandfather why everyone is taunting him as he's eating his creamed peas in his Malibu nursing home.

Being angry, vengeful, is not the same as whining. And Cavs fans have every right to be angry.  No more woe is me.  Now just "screw you."

You're right, Scott, LeBron is not the center of the universe.  Now he's just someone else's entitled jerk to worry about.  We can still tell him what we think.  We just don't have to tell everyone else all the time.

 By the way, Scott:  you're wrong about needing to "win championships" to have the spirit of a champion.  What does that say about the Baltimore Orioles for the past 20 years?  Or the Ravens for the last 6?  What is the statute of limitations for "heart of a champion"?