Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Knicks looking at Gibson, Varejao?

Daniel Gibson playing with the Cleveland CavaliersImage via Wikipedia

LeBron James mouthpiece Chris Broussard reports that the New York Knicks might have some interest in Cavaliers Anderson Varejao and Daniel Gibson.  "Some" in this case meaning "Oh crap, Carmelo is playing in Newark, not Madison Square Garden."

If the Cavs would also consider trading their two best players, it would show that the trade exemption that Cleveland got from the Heat in the screwjob of the century is not going to be used, and neither are thousands of seats at the Q for the next two or three years.

NBC Sports makes me wonder, what would the Knicks want to give up, which would fit the Cavaliers apparent long term rebuilding strategy?  Draft picks alone?  They're not going to want to trade their young studs to add Anderson and Boobie, are they?
The only real trade chips the Knicks have in these deals, assuming they’re not willing to part with Landry Fields or Wilson Chandler, are Eddy Curry and the talented but mercurial Anthony Randolph. With a lockout looming, financial flexibility may not be as attractive as it once was, so we’ll see if the Knicks can land a player who hasn’t made it publicly known that he wants out.